Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yesterday we found an old tape with the following on it

1. A PBS special about bower birds
2. A PBS special about the history of Silver Spring
3. A PBS Jim Croche special

At first we didn't know who the tape belonged to. But then we decided it probably the belongs to Mark.

The special about the bower birds was super cool.


Jessica Smith said...

i love bower birds! they're so awesome! i think i've seen that PBS special a few times. i was trying to describe bower birds to ray a few months ago. i think it's important to see the show thought. they're so amazing. def. in my top 10 favorite birds. yay!

Ray said...

yes! i was just thinking that i now know what bower birds are, since jessica told me. they're neat.

but not as preeeeeetty biiiiiirds as lester.

i sent lester a letter telling him to tell you to remember to send me a chapbook, but the postal service returned it as undeliverable.