Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I like to eat Manchego cheese and sing "Dulcinea"

Actually, it's not "Dulcinea" I like to sing but "Man of La Mancha" ("I am I, Don Quixote..." etc." The rousing chorus reminds me of the one year I lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland and played in the band. We never actually played a medley of Man of La Mancha songs, but we might as well have.

I tried to write a poem this afternoon but couldn't because I was sitting near a table of young women who were talking about their husbands and the fiber content of various cereals. Did you all know that Honeycomb is now made with whole wheat?! Wow!

I'm not against fiber, or breakfast cereal, or Honeycomb. I am against whatever combination of factors encourages people to marry, have babies, and divorce all before they even reach their late 20s.

My advice to my little sisters: move to a state that has good public universities, establish residency, and go to a state school. Unless an ivy league gives you a scholarship. Don't have children before age 25. Maybe, maybe, you can get married before you are 25, but I'll have to look at the specifics of each situation. If you want to enter into romantic relationships of various sorts, go for it. But please do not legalize them. Instead, devote your free time to art, better heath care, public transportation, the enviroment, and world peace.

So now that I've said this, you will want to do the opposite of what I've suggested. Thank goodness you live in Oman and are 7 years old.


mike said...

Have you ever heard the rumor that the Sultan of Oman is a pedifile? I had heard this from several people while I was there and then when Michael Jackson went to Oman I was very suspicious.

Ian Keenan said...

I used to like singing the Man of La Mancha theme. One year the high school drama teacher was indecisive about the play to do, and Man of La Mancha was auditioned for, and I sang that song to the music teacher. She rolled her eyes through the whole thing. The drama teacher who was a big fan of my acting said the next day 'we'll give you the best non-singing part' (leader of the inquisition). Then they did Grease, and of course I don't do Grease.