Friday, September 01, 2006

Lester likes dried chili peppers

He also used his foot to hold on to a chili pepper while he ate it. This is something I've seen larger sized birds do, but it's new for him.

This is how Lester approaches new food:

1. He attacks it and shrieks
2. Eventually, he pays attention to how it tastes
3. If he likes it, he eats more
4. When he is done, he chirps and attackes his silver bucket
5. Then he stands on one foot and gets puffy and happy.


Ray said...

Nonni doesn't eat chili peppers.

Lester's large in heart and spirit, so that's why he's able to hold a chili pepper.

Yay puffy happy Lester! Good bird goooood bird coooo cooooooooo goooood Leeester biiiird.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes, Ray, that's exactly it! Lester is a little bird in size, but he's got bravery and heart to spare.

I'd read that many parrots like spicy food. I give him a little jalapeno, and he liked that, so then I bought a whole pack of dried chili peppers...

Jessica Smith said...

wow, that's so weird, i nevr thought about other animals (besides us) liking spicy foods. but it makes sense, esp for animals that originate n the tropics, where that's a potential food source. do penguins like spicy tuna sushi?

my cats like to chase their food before they eat it, if i have the patience to sit around throwing it for them, which i usually don't. i wonder what gestures or mechanisms of feeding we have that reveal our pre-domesticated side?

mike said...

That's how I eat!

What a funny coincidense.