Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today I learned

  • My chili powder isn't very hot
  • I need to buy more hot peppers whenI go grocery shopping--enough to last until Friday instead of only Wednesday
  • That point of view may be beginning fiction writers' least favorite technical topic
  • That I really dislike putting things away, but am at last developing certain habits through forced repetition and willpower: I must unpack my bag right when I get home. I must put my clothes away every other day (every day prooved to be too much). I like it when things are neat.
  • Conquering the mess that is my desk is going to take longer, but the putting away things experiment prooves it can be done!
  • That I dislike wall-to-wall carpeting even more than I did before, because it has to be cleaned. I knew this before, but I didn't know about how complicated the process is. Steaming. Dry. The chemicals involved. Like, we're going to have to spend money pay someone to clean nasty, ugly carpet, and I'm going to have to take Lester out of the house (to the Yoga Center?!) while they do it because of the weird chemicals they will use. I like carpet. If it is Persian or something that is actually meant to do something other than cover up the cheap, shitty flooring that someone put down when they decided to build a bunch of crappy buildings to rent to people.
  • Um...
  • I realized that Lester is avoiding one of his perches. I'm not sure why.
  • I don't know how to make very many vegetarian main dishes that are actually satisfying.
  • I discovered that I actually remember something of the 2 semesters of hard core statistics I took as an undergraduate. I am doing some editorial and design work for an educational/public health consulting company, and understanding statistics is actually useful.


Mark said...

I am a fallen vegetarian (oh so, so far fallen), but Rachel is a vegetarian so I cook vegetarian; this cookbook is infallible--the only one I really enjoy, and every single thing I have made from it has been excellent. Except for the Parsnip Pie. But that was my fault because I bought cheap cheese...

Jessica Smith said...

putting things away is difficult. one inevitably has too few drawers, boxes, hangers, shelves, baggies, etc.


kim said...

my friend, kristin, is a veggie and also a foodie and her food blog rules: i am most in love with her vegan cupcakes and her butternut squash and hazelnut lasagne which is so very very very good.

i really should try your putting things away trick. my world is always so messy and it drives me insane.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Too much stuff, not enough space. The two problems reinforce each other. Starting this weekend I am going to work on keeping one shelf of my desk clean, and then go from there.

Mark and Kim--thanks for the vegetarian food suggestions! I'm not a vegetarian, but it is good to eat vegetables.