Sunday, September 17, 2006

Since there's been discussion of marriage and weddings on this blog as of late, I've decided to try and remember all the weddings I've been to. Not very many. Only one of them included a Christian--in this case Protestant of some sort--ceremony. So for now there's no analysis, I'm just attempting to get some of the details down.

1. A late 80s wedding in New England. New Hampshire, maybe. I was a junior bridesmaid and wore a peach satin dress with puffy sleeves. The most traditional wedding I've ever been to. I don't remember the ceremony, but I remember that there was a big after party in some kind of a conference center, and also a band. And champagne toasts. They divorced after a few years--the husband came out.

2. Mom and Charlie's wedding in Brooksville, Maine--they had a beautiful wedding at a B&B owned by two women who lived there with cows and sheep. I remember the sheep running up and down the hill going "mmmaaa maaa." But the ceremony was outside down by the water. They had very simple Baha'i vows, but they made the ceremony very personalized--at one point they read excerpts of letters they'd written to each other.

3. My brother and Erin's wedding. Also a personalized ceremony with Baha'i vows. Inside, but in a room with windows overlooking the water. Really, my Mom's and my Brother's weddings were beautiful. They were not traditional bashes, but ceremonies that were meaningful to those involved.

4. Mark and I went up to Maine to my highschool friend Kim's wedding. They held the wedding at Circle Farm (which no longer communal though). We all partied and danced around a bonfire the night before the wedding. My friend went home with one of the bridesmaids, and much of the wedding party was hung over for the actual ceremony. It was all very fun and very happy--I don't remember the actual vows, but I remember that they incorporated poems and other elements into the ceremony. And that it was kind of rainy on the morning of the wedding, but that the sun came out by the end of the wedding. And all of the bridesmaids wore black dresses and floral garlands!

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