Friday, September 22, 2006

things that are obvious

  • Liberal politics doesn't always/often equal interesting aesthetics.
  • I love Lester the little green bird.
  • When the weather gets colder, people are more likely to close the windows.
  • I like cheese. All kinds.
  • Feminism--i.e.we feminists--need(s) to think about relationships among women as much as our relationsip to men.
  • It is harder to wake up in the morning than to be up at night.
  • I like perfume. Multi-layered heavy fragrances are my favorite. Jasmine. Blood orange.

1 comment:

Jessica Smith said...

all true things. if there's jasmine left over when i'm done with your books, i'll send you the leftovers. it's pure jasmine, though, not a fall/winter scent. and what is bergamot?

i was going to tell you something but i forgot what.