Thursday, September 28, 2006

Overheard today

A guy at a pay phone, 7:50 am: "Hi honey, yeah (something something I can't hear because it's 7:50 in the morning and I don't want it to seem obvious that I am standing on the steps behind a guy on a pay phone listening to him as I drink my coffee) "I talked to the parole officer and he said (something something) yeah, so I might not be homeless..." guy on the phone turns around and I continue up the steps.

This evening. After the one man who is in the yoga class leaves when he finds out that the regular teacher is not teaching this evening, the yoga teacher says something like she hopes she didn't make him uncomfortable (she didn't, I know this guy from working the desk and he just only likes to take class with this one particular yoga teacher and no others ever) and that (something something something I can't here because I'm in the back of the room trying to relax before class starts and it feels like someone has poured concrete into my hip sockets) she's not a "man hater" (she's not) but then she says, "well, there are plenty of women haters, too, you know." My head snaps up and I make an embarassing kind of guffaw sound which I stiffle as a giggle and say "yes."

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