Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today's Ailments / Things I Learned Today

Today's Ailments are mostly sitting-related ailments. Sitting is bad for you.
  • sore upper back and shoulders
  • sore left hip
  • sore left hamstring
  • sore left thumb
  • dry skin
  • chapped lips

Things I Learned Today

  • Lester has at last mastered the "whole lotta love" whistle, but he likes to whistle it fast. Teaching him to whistle "whole lotta love" was my idea
  • I don't believe that ailments are a gift to help us remember to be present
  • I know where my yarn is, but now I need to buy the correct knitting needles
  • Sometimes my turkey burgers stay together, and sometimes they are more messy. Why is this?
  • I found my book "American Cultural Encounters," an old ESL conversation book from the early 1980s. Quote "A fast, 'How are you?' is not meant as an insult. Americans use this question more as a greeting than as an inquiry about your health."

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