Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bird nerd alert / more about Lester's habits

Larger parrots often learn to use utensils while eating--or at least a spoon. They're naturally curious because they see other members of their flock (humans) using them, so they want to use them too. Maybe I should get Lester a minature spoon he could learn to use while eating his yogurt.

I recently got a book on Parrotlets to see if it might have any more information about how Lester's wild cousins behave. Pacific Parrotlets spend a lot of time on the ground, bathing in wet grass or eating insects and seeds, but they also like the forest. But not necessarily super dense rainforest.

Apparantly, they don't often bathe in water either. Instead, they prefer to bathe in wet grass. So Lester's love of bathing in his water dish is something he learned from the other parrotlets at the aviary where he was born. And those parrotlets developed it as a result of about six generations of domestication.

But I did buy a little wheatgrass growing kit. So maybe I'll grow it and put some in Lester's cage. After he gets over the attack phase, he might like it.


Bobby said...

I landed here at random by hitting that 'NEXT BLOG' button. Nice blog.

I wonder if you can teach a parrot to type. They can talk . . . why not type?

Ray said...

ooh! lorraine! do that!

what i think is interesting about typing is that we don't really think about hitting each key individually in our heads -- we memorize the way our fingers have to move for words -- so it's like a sign language! (I type the wrong entire word as often as i type the wrong letter.)

lester posts make me haaaaappy. you know how fancy people use spoons for salt, instead of salt shakers? i bet a salt spoon would be perfect Lester-size.