Monday, September 26, 2005

Today's Ailments

Sore, still, from ten A and ten B sun salutations at the beginning of a vinyasa class on Friday
Dry skin
Blisters from wearing heels today

How was your weekend?

It was good, thank you for asking. I went to yoga on Friday and then grocery shopping. On Saturday morning I tutored, then I went to yoga, then I went down to the mall to protest, then I tutored some more, then I went to the bar and saw my friends, then I went to my friends house. I ate too much pizza. This post sucks.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Things my bird did today

  • Bathed in his water dish
  • Threw hemp seeds on the floor
  • Sang to Ella Fitzgerald while sitting on my shoulder

Sunday, September 18, 2005


So I switched to a new template and so haven't updated any of my links. They still say "edit me!"

It's Sunday, and so I am nostalgic for things that aren't even gone. I'm nostalgic for the festival of Ganesh and I've never been a festival of Ganesh.

The story of Ganesh involves decapitation, so naturally I think of it every so often.

Let's see if I can find a Ganesh picture. (As you can see, I have found a picture of Ganesh).

Hello Ganesh!

G-d! I don't want to go to sleep, because if I go to sleep that means I have to wake up and go to work and then it will be Monday.

I'm online at PEN Sound!

Hey, there's a recording of me reading in Segue at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York from December 6, 2003 online at PEN Sound. I sound good and young and nervous, and you can hear me clicking my tongue and mumbling to myself in between poems. Mark and I nearly didn't make it up that weekend. It was very very snowy.

Readings, Mice

Last night I read with M. Magnus and Megan McShea in the i.e. poetry series at Red Emma's Bookstore in Baltimore. It was fun. Being from DC (I guess I'm from DC), I like Baltimore and say things like "I'd like to live in Baltimore) everytime I go.

I'd never met Megan before--she gave a lovely reading and interesting and intelligent things to say about experimental music in Baltimore and elsewhere. She has work in Shattered Wig.

I know M and his work from DC, but he read new stuff that I'd never heard, including a hillarious T.S. Elliot spook! You can read some of M's work online in Your Black Eye.

And, ooh, Daniel Higgs of Lungfish was there.

Lester is signing/saying "Salt peanuts salt peanuts" and "Lester's a pretty bird!" in his little raspy robot bird voice--it's very cute!

Being in Baltimore last night, I didn't have the chance to go to an event at Kaplans, but I suspect he should say something about it on his blog, croissant factory.

Also, there is a tiny and brazen mouse in my apartament who is eating Lester's food. Does anyone have any advice about what to do?

Friday, September 16, 2005


ESL Textbooks
Advice Columns
The East Coast Counselor Blog

I have no brain. I'm here with my bird sitting under my hair on the back of my neck, and I'm a little headachy from my wine. I thought I was going to work tonight but in fact I was supposed to work Wednesday night. Something of a screw up.

Hey y'all, my brother is giving a seminar on "Identification and Estimation of the Efficiency and Equity Effects of Segregation" in mid-November. I like the idea that the effects of segregation can be measured and understood. I don't know if I believe it though, but I like the idea.

There is a mouse that has been crawling into Lester's cage and eating his food. I don't like this.

I have a balcony. Near the balcony are some trees. In the trees there are birds. The birds sing when the sun goes down. This is something I like.

Things my students have mentioned about the United States:

1. Strangers come up to them and make (usually) nice comments about their children.
2. People in the United States like free things.

Some things I learned today teaching ESL:

I almost never use the imparative command form. Rarely do I even bother with some of the stronger modals used to give advice (I suggest..., we ought to..., we must...etc) or make polite requests (would you mind....?). Instead, I use a very meek and polite "Let's..." or "Why don't we...?" I used "shall I..." in a poem once.

In Papua New Guinea there are Sulfer-Crested Cockatoos. I knew one named Surf. He ate our bananas. I should like to go birdwatching in Papua New Guinea someday.

There was a very large bug in my classroom this morning. It was fast and had many legs.

Look at some pictures of Tabubil (ooo, I used the imparative form)! I was there when I was a youngin' and one could (maybe one still can) swim in the rivers--I forget which one we swam in--either the OK Tedi or the OK Minga. But there is STILL no real workable road to Tabubil, more than twenty years later.

If anyone would like to fund my inevitable return trip to Tabubil, send me an email.

Reasons to Love Emus

There are several pictures of me with Emus, but none of them are digital yet. Resons to love Emus:
  • Fast runner, can reach speeds of up to 40 mph for short bursts.
  • Running bird can make a stride of nine feet.
  • Expert swimmer.
  • Bill is broad and soft, adapted for browsing and grazing.
  • When food is abundant, large stores of fat are developed.
  • They move great distances for food except when males are sitting on eggs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jobs to apply for

Meatcutter Leader
Supervisory Chemist
Supervisory Electronics Technician
Electronics Technician
E-Organizer/Systems Administrator/HellRaiser
Death Penalty Coordinator

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am a maid

I am a maid that sleeps in love, for I am a maid that's deep in love and I dare not once complain, I am a maid supplier from Indonesia, I am a maid agency in Singapore, but I also supply maids to other agencies, I am a maid that sleeps in love and cannot feel my pain, for though I am a maid, I can easily believe as how all men are not equally agreeable, once I am recovered from the apparent physical effects, and he understands that I think I am a maid, you must convince him that the effects are only temporary and that my memory will come back by itself, I am a maid, my lord, that ne'er before invited eyes, but have been gazed on like a comet, Sir, I demand, I am a maid named Iris, I am a maid that's deep in love But, yes, I can complain I have in this world but one true love, God is my witness, I am a maid, I am a maid of shots & pills swivel the lights of Beverly Hills, it’s for to wed your eldest son I am a maid oer mean, I’ll rather stay at home and die for Hazelgreen, I told you that I am a maid, a servant, I am a maid looking for houses to clean, but Saturdays only, well I am married with 2 kids so therefore i am a maid doctor cook jungle gym teacher human napkin and a gardner, I am a maid that's deep in love but yes I can complain, for once I was a sailor on sea but now I am a maid on shore,
I am a maid-servant of the Sairindhri class. I tell thee this truly, I know to dress the hair to pound fragrant substances for preparing unguents, I'll swear I am a maid, and he knows not, I am a Maid of Honor to the Queen of England, then for your heart to me resign befor your parents know it O then said she as I am a maid with you I'll freely marry I will no longer be afraid , but I am a maid and they think that I Should content me with weaving tapestry, I am no strumpet, by my life, I am a maid, and, as by my nature, and by my semblant and by my vesture, Myn handes been nat shapen for a knyf, I pretend I am a maid, the fact that I am a woman does not mean that I am a maid, am wearing a red hat in one scene, and I am a maid in another scene, and I am a lawyer in another, I am so excited you are here, I can walk down a residential street in a white neighborhood and no one will think that I am a maid or gardener, I am a Maid, not a Stone, I am a maid, but not a slave, But take this head-band, which the woman that made it gave to me; for it is not proper that I should wear it, because I am a maid-servant, people often think that I am a maid or housekeeper, and they say to me, "Oh how come they make you take care of so many children? I AM A MAID THAT NEEDS A MISTRESS TO IRON FOR AS SHE LAYS THE WHIP TO ME, I am a maid. A Big, glorified, maid. It's not that I resent doing these chores, but there's nothing special about me doing them. Anyone could do them. I am a maid within, And you're a fool without. I am a bachelor; and more than that I am a maid.
I am a maid who is looking for a lot of email training. So I want to ask all mistresses to mail me. I am a maid in sorrow to complain, I am a maid of honor (actually matron) at my best friend's wedding, I am a maid untouched, my wisdom, and somedeal of might, abideth with me, and only so long.