Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fruit, font, Classical Chinese, Shorebirds

I edited Large Waves to Large Obstacles today, and discovered that some of the Chinese characters from the original poems are missing. Where did they go? I haven't thought about classical Chinese in ages. It's different from contemporary Mandarin. It is difficult. Both Mandarin and classical Chinese are difficult. But I've fixed the problem, and all the words are back in the manuscript.

And I fixed our wireless network. Again. But it seems to be working.

So, my brain is full of classical Chinese, fonts, and networking issues. Other than that I am content free. This concerns me. I mean it worries me.

Also, Mark and I took a walk along the beach. Plovers. Terns. Various gulls. I love the shorebirds. They lack the glamour of other types of birds, but they're so tough and energetic. Shorebirds can soothe and/or increase homesickness on every seashore everywhere in the world.

Another fruit memory: G-, my second-grade friend's mean and violent older brother--he once chased us through the woods with a machete--was babysitting me and his little sister. He was only a year older, and a total asshole. But fine. So me and G- had a grape eating contest to see who could fit the most grapes in their mouth at one time. I think I suggested it. I won, and G-spit all his grapes out all over the kitchen, and then chased me all over the back yard. I climbed up a pine tree to get away from him. He could have climbed up after me, but didn't.


Ray said...

Does apple sauce count as fruit? When I was little I was a REALLY picky eater and, while I ate apples, I was suspicious of the texture of apple sauce -- and I once had a babysitter who wanted to prove that she was The Best Babysitter and could get The Difficult Child to eat, so she chased me around with a little mini-bowl of apple sauce and a spoon full of apple sauce until I locked myself in the upstairs bathroom and cried.

Jessica Smith said...

lorraine, that's a horrible story.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes, it is horrible. Now you see why I'm collecting traumatic and odd stories involving fruit.

DUSIE said...

my younger sister once threw an orange at my head, I ducked, and then the orange hit and broke an old oil lamp. well, just the bottom of it. We didn't know what to do then (sister's uniting at this point) so we just cleaned up the broken glass and left the top of the lamp there. We thought, hmmm, maybe mom won't notice. she did.

btw, I really like the title you chose!

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Stories about throwing fruit are an important subgenre of the fruit story genre. Most of my fruit throwing experience involves apples, and not citrus, so I'm very pleased to hear about your orange story.

I'm glad you like the title I chose--I hemmed and hawed, but I think it's the right one.

Jessica Smith said...

gregor had a bad experience involving apples thrown.

i don't think i have any bad fruit stories. call me when you need a chasing-siblings-with-deadly-weapons story.