Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rock Book, Sand Book / More favorite Childhood Books

Mark displays Rock Book and Sand Book by William R. Howe, as well as Tealight Ballet, by William R. Howe and L.A. Phillips (Lisa Howe) proudly on a shelf in his office:

Rock Book and Sand Book always cheer me up. I've not read/performed all of Tealight Ballet. I'm not brave enough to set my hair on fire, but I did dance around waving the shiny pencil with the glitter pink dinosaur on the end. Then I wrote stuff with the pencil. I probably still have the dinosaur somewhere. Mark's copy of Tealight Ballet is in near mint condition.

More favorite childhood books:

The Thirteen Clocks, by James Thurber
The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster (and with Jules Feiffer illustrations)

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mike said...

-Be Kind to Spiders

-Anything Suess

-my favorite in kindergarten was a Time Life Book, I think it was called The Oceans