Thursday, September 07, 2006

I live near Legoland

We listened to one Led Zepplin song on the ride back from San Diego this evening. I enjoyed it, but had flashbacks to watching Led Zepplin videos with a boyfriend my freshman year. I found it very boring--watching the videos with the then boyfriend, not listening to them on our ride home. Over the top rock music is helpful on the highway. But as I mused about the x-boyfriend and the terrible trip I took home with him to his family and friends in New Jersey, I realized I had no memory of taking any pills of any sort this week at all. I don't remember most things I do, and I often misremember things, or simply make things up. I've been talking about detail to my creative writing classes, how images and objects and sensorial information often lead directly to memories and stories. In this case, the memory lead me to the detail. The very boring detail.

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mike said...

My brother wants to take my nephew to LegoLand. But he doesn't like San Diego. I never did either, but I love Legos.