Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meet Arnold

Over at bathybius. Lester and I watched this video together. He peeped a bit and then began to preen.

Arnold and Lester are very different birds. However, they do share some similarities. I would argue that most, if not all of the attacks in this video are fake attacks, but sometimes it's hard to tell the fake from the real. Also, note how Arnold becomes fat and plump at the end of the video. Lester also tends to become fat and plump after a hyper period of intense vocalization.

It's Halloween & What happened at the Redcat / Impunities conference

It's Halloween, and I am alone in the yoga studio writing about the history of the gaming industry. Someone came in and tried to sell me some vitamin gel packs. I'm skeptical. People have called who want to "partner" with us. Last week someone came in asking a bunch of questions like "do yogis smoke pot?" And all this as I'm reading about the heady days of the arcade video game boom of the 1970s.

But it's Halloween. Mark and I are going to do laundry this evening and watch horror movies. And I'm going to dig the plastic skeleton out of the closet when I get home in time for trick-or-treaters who may or may not come.

I scanned my notes from the CalArts conference. The rest are up on flickr.

Monday, October 30, 2006

too much / to do

According to Squamatologist, the flowers in this picture (taken in early April while walking in the Daly Ranch) are

"Buckthorn (Ceanothus sp.; "Family" Rhamnaceae). It is informally called California Lilac but it's not related to real Lilac. It is commonly found in the Chaparral habitats of California. Native Americans used the flowers as soap. The flowers smell sweet like honey (and are a favorite of bees of all kinds for making just that). An individual inflorescence (bunch of flowers) has a faint fragrance but these large shrubs have so many inflorescences and the shrubs are so abundant, that when they are in bloom, the foothills of southern California are filled with an undescribably pleasant and intoxicating aroma."

They did smell georgeous. Thanks for clearing that up!


A timeline of Oman history. Woo hoo!


This is nearly the very very last site I needed to find. And you can order samples of just about everything. I'm scouting for a bettery spicy citrus fragrance.

I am writing articles about the health effects of video games.

I remember going shopping in 8th grade with a friend and her parents. The friend was looking for a fancy dress to wear to some formal event-I can't remember what. Anyway, there was a georgeous green and blue sequined tank dress. We both tried it on, but it was way over budget and probably ridiculous.

Models dressed up as "rock stars" look stupid.

I need a hair cut.

Bath and Body Works has a limited edition series of Hello Kitty accesories and cosmetics. The lip gloss with a little Hello Kitty charm is cute, but I like my lip gloss to have SPF.

My coffee maker is nearly dead. It still makes coffee, but the last three or four cups of water do not drain through and instead just sit in the filter. I hope it breaks soon so that I can get a coffee press. Hooray for multi-tasking appliances!

I ordered rosewater to make nan-e badami. If I had roses I would make rosewater, but I don't.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Long beach is less than an hour and a half away, as long as we go in the middle of the day. Three days of work that will feel like seven, and then I'm off to San Francisco.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I made spiced biscotti. This was my first biscotti attempt, and it was really very easy. I think I'll be making a lot of biscotti from now through New Years. They keep for almost a month and so are good for gifts and sending in the mail. I also made some healthy breakfast muffin things--they're like a cross between a muffin and a cookie--whole wheat flour, wheat germ, ground flaxseeds, figs, almonds, and some other stuff to make it all stick together and not taste like dry wheat germ. They are good with coffee or tea in the morning and nice after a run.

Mark and I are headed up Long Beach this evening. Come say hello:

Please join us for the 4th installment of the house reading series LONG BEACH NOTEBOOK on Saturday, October 28th at 8:00 pm to hear the work of poets Glenn Bach, K. Lorraine Graham, Joseph Mosconi, and Mark Wallace.


Glenn Bach's current project, Atlas Peripatetic, is a long sequence inspired by the sounds on his morning walk. Excerpts have recently appeared in such journals as Dusie, foam:e, Jubilat, and mprsnd. In addition to his work as a poet, Bach is active as a visual/sound artist and curator.

K. Lorraine Graham is the author of the chapbooks Large Waves to Large Obstacles (Take Home Project), See it Everywhere (Big Game), Terminal Humming (Slack Buddha), and Dear [Blank] I Believe in Other Worlds (Phylum). Moving Walkways, a limited edition chapdisk, is forthcoming from Narrowhouse Recordings this winter. Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Foursquare, ~*~W_O_M_B~*~, and New Messes.

Joseph Mosconi is a writer, linguist and lexicographer based in Los Angeles. His work can be found in Public Speaking, a limited edition artist book published by Clockshop; issue 10 of Greetings: A Magazine of the Sound Arts; New Yipes Reader no. 12; occasionally on his blog, Harlequin Knights; and in the liner notes to the Other Cinema DVD release Golden Digest by video techno-terrorists Animal Charm.

Mark Wallace is the author of a number of books and chapbooks of poetry, including Nothing Happened and Besides I Wasn't There and Sonnets of a Penny-A-Liner. Temporary Worker Rides A Subway won the 2002 Gertrude Stein Poetry Award and was published by Green Integer Books. He is the author of a multi-genre work, Haze, and a novel, Dead Carnival. His critical articles and reviews have appeared in numerous publications, and along with Steven Marks, he edited Telling It Slant: Avant Garde Poetics of the 1990s (University of Alabama Press) a collection of 26 essays by different writers on the subject of contemporary avant garde poetry and poetics. With Juliana Spahr, Kristin Prevallet, and Pam Rehm he edited A Poetics of Criticism, a collection of poetry essays in non-standard formats published (Leave Books). He is currently Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at California State University San Marcos.


Long Beach Notebook is held at the home/offices of Palm Press: 143 Ravenna Drive, Long Beach, CA 90803. This event is free. Please bring food/drink to share. Use your favorite online search engine for best directions or call: (562)434-0789.

We hope to see you there!
Palm Press

Friday, October 27, 2006

my spelling

No baking yet. Later today or tomorrow am. Linh Dinh read at UCSD on Wednesday and at CSUSM last night, so I am schlumping about this morning, recovering from the week for a few hours until it's time to take Linh to the train station and get ready to go up to Long Beach tomorrow.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pictures / Impunities Report

I forgot the notebook which has the doodles and so I couldn't scan them. Y'all will have to wait until Wednesday. One picture contains a shaggy unicorn.

What should I bake?

I'm taking a break from writing articles about liver cancer and kidney stones. Browsing cookie recipes because I've promised to bake and mail cookies, and also because the announcement for the reading this Saturday in the Long Beach Notebook series says "bring food or drink to share." My food processor is dead, so nothing that requires grinding nuts. Some possibilities:
  • gingerbread with or without blueberries
  • shortbread--could be flavored with either ginger or nutmeg
  • molasses cookies
  • a basic coffeecake with streusel topping
  • some kind of biscotti. I have a recipe for banana-pecan biscotti, sounds weird but it's good.
I've been looking for an excuse to make nan-e badami, cookies made of almond flour flavored with cardamom and rose water, but they're more of a springtime thing, so maybe not. And I don't have any rose water handy and not much time to make it to the grocery store. Ok, so I won't make them this week, but soon.


The class is tired.

I prefer

hummus with a creamy texture.


Is well and needs his wings clipped. He scolded me a bit yesterday evening, but this morning he'd mellowed and was happy to sit on my shoulder while I wrote articles about nasty, painfull diseases.


I haven't been devoting much time to my practice, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm in the midst of posting the rest of my pictures from Impunities to flickr. There are a few up, but they don't all have captions yet. This one is from Matias Viegener's talk on Friday. I drew doodles, of course, and will post scans tomorrow.

We had lots of fun, and I was glad to meet the folks at Cal Arts, and to hear many writers/performers I've never heard before--Sesshu Foster, Bhanu Kapil, Christine Wertheim, Chris Abani, Joni Jones among many others. And to meet people I've corresponded with but never met.

Many Happy Returns at High Energy Constructs was cool and interesting. As I said, more tomorrow. I'm too happy, well-fed, and brain-saturated (rather, my brain is saturated, I am not saturated with brain) to blog.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tinysides came in the mail today, and also Tao Lin's book--all good reading. Packed for Impunities--Mark and I head up to LA on Friday morning. I also booked Lester's annual vet checkup and made a reservation to board him when I'm in Oman and Mark is in DC in December and January.

I'm worried about leaving him for so long, but we're boarding him at a place that specializes in birds. All the birds are tested to make sure they're healthy before they come in. Lester will be in a room with other small parrots, and he'll get a healthy mix of veggies, fruits, legumes, and seeds to eat every day. The animal friends we live with may like living with us (however it is that individual animals may experience liking), but they don't usually live with us because they have chosen to do so. It's important to do right by them.

We talked about sound and rhythm in the creative writing class today. No one freaked out about my no end rhymes rule for the assignment. We listened to Gertrude Stein, Christian Bok, & Edwin Torres, and read Ted Berrigan and Bernadette Mayer outloud.

The Gilmore Girls irks me. Veronica Mars, at least, has sex. Less drawn out anguished hemming and hawing and fantasizing about all the possibilities.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How women and men interact is important. And I don't mean that feminist theory is important--even though it is. I mean that the ways actual people treat each other matters, and that how women and men treat each other is an interesting thing to write about and make art about. This is very obvious.

I was subtly accused in class the other day of only being able to remember the men's names. I freaked out for a moment because I thought it was true, but this morning I realized that I also learned the names of many of the women quickly--the ones who spoke a lot during the first few weeks of class. If you spoke a lot during the first several weeks of class, or came to my office, then I learned your name quickly. But I am very very bad with names. And dates. And numbers. I have to write everything down. I usually need a combined visual and aural queue to remember something. Repetition and memorization rarely work for me. I need something to associate whatever I'm trying to remember with. Speech. Gesture. Something. But now I'll remember.

The class is going very well. I already know what I will do differently if I get to teach it again in this context, but overall I'm very pleased. The class is an intelligent group of students who get along well with each other and pay attention.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm still a young man, you know. I've got prospects!

I woke up with this line in my head. I haven't seen Ladyhawke (1985) in ages. I know the musical score is cheesy, but when I first saw it I was 8 or 9, and it didn't really bother me.


Amber Plaid Dress
Angora Dress
Basketweave Dress
Basketweave Tunic
Bella Dress
Button Front Fall Dress
Bowtie Capsleeve Dress
Bowtie Tube Dress
Braided Halter Dress
Breathtaking Metallic Dress
Bridget Spaghetti Dress
Chain Link Dress
Cheetah Halter Dress
Cheetah Halter Dress
Cheetah Halter Dress
Cheetah Halter Dress
Chiffon Spaghetti Dress
Chitraka Halter Dress
Chitraka Spaghetti Dress
Classic Turtleneck Sweater
Classy Tube Dress
Corduroy Shirt Dress
Corduroy Shirt Dress
Corduroy Shirt Dress
Cotton Shirt Dress
Cotton Spaghetti Dress
Cotton Wrap Dress
Cowl Neck Halter Dress
Crinkled Empire Dress
Crinkled V Neck Tunic
Crossover Dress w/ Belt
Crossover Jersey Dress
Crossover Polka Dot Dress
Crossover V Neck Dress
Dotted Swiss Halter
Double Breasted Coat
Embroidered Cotton Dress
Embroidered Satin Tube
Embroidered Spaghetti Dress
Embroidered Tube Dress
Exotic Floral Dress
Eyelet Halter Dress
Eyelet Shirt Dress
Fantasy Floral Dress
Floral Fantasy Halter Dress
Floral Halter Dress
Floral Jersey Dress
Floral Jersey Dress
Floral Jersey Dress
Floral Jersey Dress
Floral Jersey Dress
Floral Print Jersey Tunic
Floral Spaghetti Dress
Floral Tube Dress
Floral Wrap Dress
Floret Spaghetti Dress
Florrem Jersey Dress
Flower Patch Dress
Geometric Jersey Dress
Glamorous V Neck Dress
Glitzy Metallic Dress
Goddess Satin Dress
Houndstooth Tube Dress
Iridescent Taffeta Babydoll
Jersey Dress
Jersey Spaghetti Dress
Jersey Tube Dress
Lace Empire Cami Dress
Lace Polka Dot Tube
Lace Spaghetti Dress
Leaflet Halter Dress
Leaflet Tube Dress
Lined Lace Shirt Dress
Long Length Spaghetti Dress
LS Stunning Dress
Lynx Shirt Dress
Manchu Mandarin Dress
Mandarin Satin Dress
Mary Tube Dress
Metallic Striped Tunic
Perfect Polka Dot Dress
Perri Plaid Dress
Pinstripe Shirt Dress
Pinstripe Tube Dress
Plaid Babydoll Dress
Plaid Bowtie Dress
Plaid Dress
Plaid Empire Dress
Plaid Satin Dress
Plaid Sheath Dress
Plaid Shirt Dress
Plaid Spaghetti Dress
Plaid Tube Dress
Plaid Tube Dress
Plaid Tube Dress
Plaid Tube Dress
Pleated Plaid Dress
Pleated Shirt Dress
Pleated Shirt Dress
Pleated Shirt Dress
Pleated Woven Tunic
Polka Dot Dress Ensemble
Polka Dot Empire Dress
Polka Dot Empire Dress
Polka Dot Jersey Dress
Polka Dot Jersey Dress
Polka Dot Shirt Dress
Polka Dot V Neck Dress
Red Shirt Dress
Retro Jersey Dress
Retro Jersey Dress
Retro Jersey Dress
Retro Jersey Dress
Retro Satin Dress
Retro Satin Dress
Roxanne Jersey Dress
Royal halter dress
Ruched Jersey Dress
Ruched Tube Dress
Ruched Tunic Top
Ruched Woven Dress
Ruffled Jersey Dress
Ruffled Shirt Dress
Safari Shirt Dress
Sateen Sleeveless Dress
Sateen Spaghetti Dress
Satin Empire Dress
Satin Floral Dress
Satin Floral Halter Dress
Satin Floral Spaghetti Dress
Satin Halter Dress
Satin Mandarin Dress
Satin Polka Dot Dress
Satin Polka Dot Dress
Satin Safari Dress
Satin Shirt Dress
Satin Shirt Dress
Satin Spaghetti Dress
Satin Spaghetti Dress
Screen Print Dress
Sensational satin dress
Sensual Satin Dress
Serpentina Halter Dress
Shirred Empire Dress
Shirt Dress w/ Belt
Silk Babydoll Dress
Silk Spaghetti Dress
Sizzlin' Tube Dress
Skirt w/ Suspenders
Spaghetti Shirt Dress
SS Eyelet Dress
SS Woven Shirt Dress
Striped Halter Dress
Striped Keyhole Dress
Striped Rainbow Dress
Striped Shirt Dress
Striped Shirt Dress
Tartan Tube Dress
Tartan Woven Dress
Tatum Satin Dress
Tiered Spaghetti Dress
Twisted Empire Dress
Unique Jersey Dress with Button Detail
Vala Chiffon Dress
Voile Evening Dress
Voile Safari Halter Dress
Voile Spaghetti Dress
Waist Tab Dress
Woven Coat
Woven Empire Dress
Woven Eyelet Dress
Woven Floral Dress
Woven Floral Dress
Woven Floral Dress
Woven Halter Dress
Woven Shirt Dress
Woven Shirt Dress
Woven Shirt Dress
Woven Shirt Dress
Woven Shirt Dress
Woven Shirt Dress
Woven Shirt Dres
Woven Spaghetti Dress
Woven Sweetheart Dress
Woven Tube Dress
Extreme commuting.

Dear greater San Diego, please ride the train.

Then you can read the news and drink your coffee before work. Then maybe the train will extend service. Then maybe we could go into the city on Friday and Saturday night and not have to drive home. And you could have less stupid accidents.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It is Sunday

So I listened to Mahalia Jackson Live at Newport 1958 and watched The Last Wave and cooked sea bass and wrote.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the southwest!!

"They were born in that tragic moment when science made its great mistake... now from behind the shroud of night they come, a scuttling, shambling horde of creatures destroying all in their path. "

I am searching for a copy of Night of the Lepus (1972), a movie based on Russell Braddon's novel, Year of the Angry Rabbit. The movie has just been rereleased on DVD.

I like October, even in southern California.

The back of my eyes and the front of my brain hurt. I mean this not figuratively.

I got a flu shot today.


Every few weeks I have a yoga class that makes me feel like even standing is difficult. This is a yoga cliche, but today it is true. I am getting more flexible, however.

I'm writing a reminder to myself to say that I want to blog about recent readings.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The reading was interesting. I want to say something about chewy stylized language in fiction and what that might to pace. This is all very general.

I wrote several articles today about alcoholism and teenage drug addiction. Not my usual topics.

I've had unusually hyper dreams. Even for me.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tinysides and Lost Posts

Merde. I just lost a whole post about red tailed hawks, how the Detroit Tigers pitcher (Nate Robinson, I think) looks like an alterna guy, the relationship between family values and travel, upcoming readings at UCSD, CSUSM, and the REDCAT Impunities conference, and how the Black Cat in the Green Grass might be named Shaq.

For now though, I'll just tell you that I'm in good company in the latest series of Tinysides over at Big Game Books!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I typed up some poems. The linebreaks etc got messed up in the post, but these are rough drafts of course. These sound, to me, like a continuation of Terminal Humming. At least tonally, but it's too soon to tell.

We had a good weekend hanging out with Dan.

I tried to tell him about the okapi, but couldn't remember the word "okapi."

There was a late night conversation comparing Art Pepper and Paul Desmond. In general prefer Art Pepper's solos to those of Paul Desmond, but the Dave Brubeck Quartet is often better than the band behind Art Pepper. All of this is my true and honest opinion. Mark and Dan said many other things about this, but I fell asleep in the chair with Lester on my finger. I was not like Mina Loy in "Café du Néant" when I did this.

We went to a dumb beach bar and there was a live band with three girl singers who danced choreography similar to Billy Blanks' Tae-bo. They're famous in China. On their website, they're described as an "alternative pop" band, but they were just playing covers at the bar. Too bad. Scott Stephens, the founder, used to be a roller derby champ.

There was an elderly woman at the bar wearing a silver dress. Or was it a rain coat? Or a shirt dress? Was it silver, or silver with little umbrellas on it? It was super.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm not feeling angry today. But I'm not at ease, either.

I've never written a long poem in the traditions of H.D., Pound, Olson, Waldman, Duplessis, or any others. But I'm still reading Iovis.

Out of everything I've read in the past three years, the work that has been the most helpful and intriguing in terms of my own writing has been fiction.

I sound like a broken record, but anything by Jane Bowles, Jean Rhys, or Djuna Barnes is so good it makes my hair stand on end. I'd add Mary Butts, Colette, and Laura Riding's stories to that, and Alejo Carpentier, Peter Matthiessen, and Paul Bowles. And Cydney Chadwick's Flesh and Bone, and any fiction by Susan Smith Nash but especially To the Uzbekistani Solder Who Would Not Save My Life. Dodie Bellamy and KathyAcker are obviously in my list (or on it). I respect Burroughs but can't read him because I'm never prepared for how much he hates me.

Maybe I'm reading fiction because I want my poems to think in terms social interaction and interpersonal psychology and fiction helps me do this. I'm not concerned with history. I mean that I don't begin with history and go towards human interaction, I try to do the opposite. In terms of form, working with both prose and poetry isn't really very new. So, so, so, well, I'll figure out what to do about that when I back into editing mode.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

5 things feminism has done for me

A belated response to Jessica's tag.

1. Feminism gave me a framework for understanding the relationship between the social world--work, school, parties--and the psychological. I was a reluctant Feminist because I didn't want to belive that people weren't treated equal regardless of their gender (or race, age, class...). I grew up in a context marked by a combination of social conservativism as well as a distinct attempt to repudiate it.

In general, I did what I wanted. Which often meant pleasing people, something I learned to do early on and was rewarded for (being a girl and all). But I also had a substantial amount of independence. In 5th grade I ran around the woods all day long with my friend, barefoot because we wanted to be like "Indians." Except that it was November and hunting season in Maine, and we were wandering around 30 acres of unposted woods. Every so often we'd yell "don't shoot me I'm human."

But back to Feminism. I was confident, independent and tough, but not really aware of the kinds of dangers I faced as a young woman. Feminism gave me a framework for understanding and preventing agression and violence, and helped me see how these things are not the same as being confident and assertive.

2. Um. Everything else comes under #1. Feminism hasn't made me feel safe, but it's helped me be less insane.

3. Feminism reminds me that gender can be performative and fun--not a burden.

4. Feminist psychoanalysists like Jessica Benjamin and Nancy Choodrow for elaborating a theory of subjectivity based on relationships between subjects, not just subjects and objects, where meaning and subjectivity are the result of people simultaneouly imagining each other and coming to terms with the difference between what they imagine and what actually happens.

5. Feminism kept me from marrying someone I didn't really want to marry and moving to Virginia, a place I didn't really want to live. It gave me the confidence to spend time with people I love and the guts to be a writer.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Drinking wine.

I really enjoyed Ian's account of the BBQ he ate on a trip south. Mmm.

Dan is coming to visit this weekend.

Lots on my mind, nothing I can write about.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark said something really interesting last night and I was going to blog about it but of course I don't remember. Now, the only things I think about are the fact that I have a nasty blister on my heel, that I have to fold my laundry, that Veronica Mars is on tonight, and that I am in fact reading Iovis and also Lisa Robertson's Debbie: an Epic which I am supposed to already have read and that I have been sneezing a lot recently. Oh and also that the creative writing class I'm teaching begins poetry tomorrow (do wish me luck). We'll start with a conversation about poetry and their experiences with it.

Lorraine's early experiences with poetry:

Songs-By 2nd grade I was a fan of Simon and Garfunkle's song "I am a rock."

Singsong chants-"Sitting in a rocker eating betty crocker watching the clock go tick tock tick tock bannana rock..." etc

Prayer-this is certainly where I became aware of metaphor in written language before I knew it was metaphor, and Baha'i prayers draw on the religious and poetic tradition of Islam and in particular Persian sufis. I didn't learn my biblical metaphors until my college western humanities course.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I wrote a poem that includes a camel that bites people.


Things middle aged and old men say to me while I'm running:

"hurry up" and all it's variations ("go faster," "speed up," etc)
"are we there yet?" (no, we are not)
"can't make up your mind, can you" (when I zig to avoid someone who does not correspondingly zag but also ziggs. Or the opposite of that. The person who makes this comment is usually not involved in the zig or the zag, but is instead a third party)

All of these things aggrivate me, and they are never said by other runners. Usually


I want a pair of suede, round-toe, slingback platforms in nude beige. Not white. Not beige. Not tan or brown.

Also, I'd like to be the captain of a mail boat.

And I'd like to know why it is so difficult to get reasonable passage on cargo ships these days.


Today's ailments include excessive sleepiness itchy eyes due to careless application of green eyeliner.

Today's enjoyments include eating lunch outside with Mark, splitting my creative writing class into groups to work on storyboards, and eating breakfast with Lester (quinoa with blueberries, yogurt, a few slivered almonds and a little candied ginger. Lester is still wary of the blueberries)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm still compiling weird experiences with fruit. But send me your fantasies about death and/or the wilderness, too

Xinjian would be a good place to die alone in the wilderness. Death by thirst would really suck.

Let me be clear, I'm not interested in death, only fantasies about death.

Still trying to read Anne Waldman's Iovis because I'm interested in a Feminist poetic project which is an investigation of the poet's relationship to forefathers.

But I don't have the brain for it now. Where is my brain? Ou est ma brain?

In Chinese the word for computer is "electric brain."

Languages to learn:


Though I should brush up on my Chinese. Editing the text for my chapbook for take home project was super difficult. And all my classical Chinese is self-taught.

I'm attempting a bit of Arabic in preparation for my trip to Oman this winter to visit my dad, stepmum and little sisters. I joined an Oman-based Islamic women's listserv and have had several fascinating discussions about feminism, food, hospitality, and Islam. It's Ramadan, so the conversation is well timed.