Thursday, September 28, 2006

Am I really going to listen to Tricky and Massive Attack all weekend?

No. And it's not the weekend yet, anyway. I will clean and work and hike and buy a shoe rack and put shoes on it and finish a really basic design project and grill tofu. I'm also going to check out the "Phillipino deli and movie rentals" place. I don't want to get my hopes up too much about it.

Our apartment smells like flowers, food, charchol, bird, and cleaning products.

there are animal toys in Lester's cage and on top of it and underneath it
there is art on the wall
there are no ashtrays
there are a lot of books
there are only candles in the bathroom
there are no childrens toys or furniture
there are no wall clocks--anything that ticks must be hidden
there are CD collections and my collection of, um, action figures (kind of hidden in my office)
there is no real entertainment center, though we have a large TV
There are sometimes flowers, no other plants. Oh, a basil plant on the porch.
There is food in the kitchen.
There is no gardening equipment.
There are various things to drink.
There are no guns or gun racks.
There are no holiday decorations right now, but soon it will be time for the small rubber skeleton
There are magnets and pictures on the fridge of my family and bunnies and of Poe
There are nicknacks on my shelves, near my, um, action figures
There is no mailbox
The only mirrors are in the bathrooms
There are several musical insturments, flutes of various sorts, a guitar, an erhu, and a double reeded thing that is hard to play.
There are pain killers and allergy pills in several drawers in the kitchen and in the bathrooms
There are photographs on the fridge and in boxes and some framed
There are no religious pictures about, but if you looked you'd see my religious books section on the shelves
I have a very very old small Persian carpet in the bedroom that used to be in my mom's bedroom and it is nice to stand on in the morning.
There are no signs inside or outside.
There are no special features to the apartment. There is a balcony.
We have a bat, two gloves and a softball. Also a frisbee. Our running shoes are on the balcony and they are really dusy
We don't have a stereo now only a boom box
We have a bag of tools under the sink but no powertools
There is a jar of flaxseed oil pills and a jar of multivitamins in the kitchen.
There is no welcome mat in our apartment.


Jessica Smith said...


no powertools? you're missin' out. you should at least have an electric screwdriver. it's the most useful thing since the microwave.

this list, so you know, does not count as pictures. your mother and i still want pictures.

i miss you! i want to come sit and chat amongst your multiple pill bottles and action figures.

mike said...

Massive Attack is playing right now at the 9:30 Club.

Jessica Smith said...

also i think you will need more than one shoe rack.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes, and the 9:30 club is in DC, not San Diego.

I will get several shoe racks. Stackable ones.

I think my digital camera is dying.