Thursday, March 23, 2006

When Mark and Lester discourse

Lester makes a unique sound that he speaks only to Mark. It sounds kind of like "puh-choo puh-choo." Sometimes I hear Lester practicing this sound to himself, but only when I am not in the room.

Lester also enjoys sitting on Mark's knee, and also attacking his slippers.

When Mark moves boxes, Lester shrieks. I think Lester has separation anxiety.

Lester has also developed a new, joyful and shrieking call that he calls to the birds outside. As I've mentioned before, it's spring, and he's a young male bird with a full set of wing feathers.

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Jessica Smith said...

does lester have special things to tell you?
i'm thinking of getting another cat and naming it thelonius.
i like to name things.
except stuffed animals, i can never think of names for them.
who names their kid thelonius?
today i got an ISBN for my book!
I'm reading Mark's book (temporary worker rides the subway)--i like it. but i am not reading it properly, i am reading it wherever i happen to open it up, rather than from beginning to end. i plan to read it old-school next week.
hi Mark