Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mud Fetish

From now on any Flickr pictures of me are only going to be visible to friends and family. Some dude with a mud fetish took a liking to the ones of me in my face masks. Yikes. C'mon Lorraine, didn't you see that one coming?


Chris Funkhouser is writing a poem called Facts about Durians. I'm rather excited. Durian Palace can tell you more about this "King of the Fruits." Durians are not allowed on the subway in Singapore, because they are so pungent and because their spiny outsides are considered dangerous. They have a kind of cult following. I actually don't mind the smell, but I don't like the way they taste. Some baked goods made from durian are ok though. These images are from Wikipedia.


Tickets from San Diego to Muscat are $1104 per person. Taxes included. I mailed my little sisters' tie dye kit off yesterday and the guy at the post office asked for identification. I wish I could report that I said something bad ass like "you don't need to see my ID just because I'm mailing something to a Muslim country." I'm reading Spring and All. Thinking about lyric love triangles.No, I smiled nicely and said, "It's a birthday gift for my little sisters." That probably weirded him out even more.

Lester is overwrought: It's spring, and he's a young bird with a full set of wing feathers. This afternoon he's been obsessively preening my hair.


Alp said...

Did your dad move to Oman, Lorraine ? When I saw your sentence which was like '' a Muslim country..'', I thought he would already moved to Oman. Unfortunately, there is still prejudice about Muslim countries ! That's sad...
I started drawing a new picture ! This time, I jumped on human anatomy :)) I will upload them to my website, soon.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes--upload some of your pictures when you're finished. I still haven't unpacked the shoes you and Ray made for me, but when I do I'll do a feature on them.

Yup, some of my familiy lives in Oman. I think I'm going to visit over Christmas.

Jessica Smith said...

i want to eat a durian
i think we have one of the species of trees downt he street from me
it has large greenish, roundish spiky fruit
the size of a grapefruit
when it splits open it's yellowish with a pit in the middle
but i don't think it's edible. no one picks up the fruits.

Jessica Smith said...

re: flikr dude
ew ew ew! shut up!

tmorange said...

mud mask fetish? oh, brother. well why the heck not?

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I think it was just a mud fetish in general. I mean, I like mud and everything, and I like mud masks, but some poor, immature and not terribly interesting teenage boy is going to have to get his kicks elsewhere. Scheesh.

Jessica Smith said...

since he said you were a "cute girl" i think it is rather the dirtyoldman type than the dirtyyoungun type. don't the Kids have new words now that they use other than "cute girl", that's very 80s.