Monday, March 06, 2006

Parrot Lineage / Studying Linebreaks

I understand linebreaks, but I don't get them emotionally. I mean that I think in sound, and I'm unsatisfied with my attempts to work with sound in terms of space. Therefore I am writing a lot of stuff like this, or else everything in prose.

I'm also concerned about all of my references to animals. It's partly because I'm not actually spending much time with people. But one must be wary of these things.


In Papua New Guinea I knew two sulfur crested cocaktoos--I think they were the first parrots I ever met. Surf lived in the house behind ours, but he flew around the neighborhood and would come hang out on our back porch. He liked our banana tree and marigold seeds. The other cockatoo was only semi-domesticated, and I don't think he had a name, but he would hang out in the neighborhood, sometimes on our porch, but then he'd disappear into the jungle for weeks at a time.

But those of you who know Mark know that he's lived with parrots a lot longer than I have--parakeets (budgies), conures, and cockatiels mostly. I believe he met his first parakeet in college--the bird was a jailbreaker and very intelligent. Mark had birds all through the cold of Buffalo--one of his roommates was crazy and convinced that the parakeets had it in for him. There was a Nanday (pronounced "nandee") Conure named Andy who would walk across the entire Buffalo-sized apartment just to snuggle.

When I met Mark, he had two parakeets--Mr. Billings and Sir Bayle. Billings was a tough guy and Bayle was sweet. I loved them both, obviously, but I bonded with Billings because he was more of a flirt and a meathead--although he grew wiser as he aged. I have good memories of sleeping in the afternoon sunshine while they sang.

I'm just saying: I didn't go bird crazy all on my own.

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Jessica Smith said...

i don't think it's necessary to make these distinctions. b/t animals and people.

stuffed animals and people, maybe. it's debatable. see what henry thinks.

but animals and people, we're all the same. like you tell lester at bedtime.