Friday, March 17, 2006

Submodern Fiction Reviewed in American Book Review

The March-April issue of American Book Review has a piece about Submodern Fiction by Chris Pusateri! I admit that I noticed it at first because he quotes from my piece And so for you there is no heartbreak, but he gives thoughtful attention to the whole magazine as well as to Linh Dinh, Ted Pelton, and others that appeared in the 3rd issue. So everyone go get a copy and read about us!

Mr. Pusateri is also now responsible for my awareness of Gong, the press out of Bainbridge Island, WA, which recently published his chapbook, VI Fictions. Gong looks like they have an interesting publication list, including what looks to be a collaboration between E. Tracy Grinnell & Paul Foster Johnson called Quadriga. I am now going to send Gong some money and some books to trade.

It also looks like I'll be taking on Submodern Fiction as a co-editor, and that the publication will move to the web. Anomaly Press has all these ISBN numbers just waiting to be used, so rest assured that there will be chapbooks when I have some money again. I'm considering a trip to a local paper store this weekend to sus out my options.

I am also in the midst of self-publishing something pretty to take to Ohio. Probably more of Some Epistles or else the procedural translation/response of/to Han Yu's "On the Festival of the Moon to Sub-Official Zhang." I love how lyric and bureaucracy are so painfully tangled up with each other in much of Classical Chinese poetry--especially Tang Dynasty poetry. It makes me want to go back and do more of that procedural work.

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Jessica Smith said...

the chinese stuff is too thought-provoking to respond to now...

but congratulations on the review of SF! "And so for you there is no heartbreak" is a great piece. I'm glad you'll be a co-editor! And I'm even happier that it'll move to the web! what a great day, Lorraine! Yay!