Friday, March 03, 2006

It's cold and damp and overcast

Hey, no one gives a crap about dolphins swimming off shore! Am I the only one who cares? Anti-Dolphin blog readers! What do you want? Do you want me to write about poetry? Fine!

Mark and I are writing collaborative poem. It's a very negative poem because we like each other so much.


I came across a description of the dragonflies in Beijing from one of my old journals from 1997. Actually several repeated descriptions of dragonflies. I don't remember the dragonflies after the rain at all--but it sounds like it was beautiful. Maybe I came across it because I've just recently read Juliana Spahr's Unnamed Dragonfly Species. From my description, it seems like they were everywhere after a rain. I just remember riding my bike through nearly flooded streets and buying two of the largest, most beautiful and most delicious peaches I have ever known from a farmer waiting out the storm in an underpass.

But Beijing wasn't all great. There was the melon incident. The can of coconut incident, for example.


Doing headstands is my new favorite thing. Well, not my new favorite, but still. Sirsasana calms the brain--my head feels like it's floating off the top of my body afterwards. I've also been working on Ustrasana in an attempt to keep my shoulders from totally caving in on themselves.


Jessica Smith said...

i thought the dolphins were really cool. i guess your faithful readers thought it went without saying.

i like beijing. but for me there was the getting-lost-down-a-back-alley-and-not-speaking-chinese incident. what is the melon incident?

at least it wasn't the Red Square incident.

i also want to stand on my head. i haven't tried yoga yet. but maybe this weekend.

Jessica Smith said...

isn't UDS great? it's my favorite.