Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogger spell check prefers "Rumanian" / Alp and Ray at DADA

Only two dryers work. They are both in constant use. I check every 15 minutes. Now my laundry room key doesn't work. I hate doing laundry. Cooking--yes. Laundry--no.

I made banana bread! It is good! For eating!


Also. Some pictures from Ray & Alp's trip to the DADA show. Thanks for sending these! It's true I'm so so so very sad I cannot go. But I've been enjoying all the reports. So keep reportin'.

Still reading Waldman's Iovis and Benderson's The Romanian. Read them at the doctor today, where quite unexpectedly I qualified for free treatment. Free! I went to the doctor and 1) paid nothing and 2) was told that I'm in good health.


Blogger is being slow and won't let me upload the other pictures. But you can look at them on Flickr.

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