Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mail / I made this

Wow, ally'all I ordered from or wanted to trade with are so fast. I'll get to the post office in the next 7 days. Thus far I've recieved:

  • Spell (March 2006)
  • Small Town 6 & 7
  • Effing Magazine No. 4
And the following Effing Press chapbooks:

  • World Jelly, by Tony Tost
  • Metaplasmic, by Anna Eyre
  • Plots, by David Meikle John

Lots of good work in all of these, lots of west cost and no coast folks that I don't know well or am just learning about, so that's exciting.

Although I just unpacked more books and now I'm remembering all the ones I want to read. Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours, by Fredric L. Cheyette is singing to me. And also Frederic Ewen's Bertolt Brecht: his Life, his Art, his Times. I really like critical biographics and often read them in the summer.


John Sakkis said...

i can't really tell what this is but it looks amazing...

if you're game i'd love to see more artwork for a possible cover for a future issue of both both...


Jessica Smith said...

last night i was reading a book for my presentation today, Ray Birdwhistell's Kinesics and Context, and there's a chapter outlining how people in different regions smile/greet on the street, what they mean by it, and what they expect from the person they smile at/greet... like in what regions is a young woman expected to smile and in what regions does that indicate that the young woman is "loose." apparently, in Louisville you are expected to smile and in Buffalo a young woman smiling is bad. Or was, you know, in the 50s.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

John--thanks! This is a layered and modified picture of the inside of a structure built with flash card things (of course). I'll email you.

Jessica--your reading always sounds really interesting! Someone must have done a performance/dance piece about greeting--or is it only the cool anthropologists who care? Body language is obviously very complicated, and often we're reading it an reacting to it without being aware of it consciously.

I used to be more of a friendly greeter. But there are a lot of weird asocial men who will stalk you if you even talk to them or respond to their greeting. They're not used to being spoken to at all.

Maybe when I come back to DC for a visit I will have learned a new, sweet style of greeting, and I will shock you all with my friendliness and lack of reserve.