Saturday, March 11, 2006

Social stuff / bla bla bla / things I unpack

Alp has requested that I write more social things. Alas, Alp, my life is often very boring. Mostly I write, work, and hang out with Mark and Lester. When I'm not doing that I go running or do yoga. Or I watch the history channel. On the weekends I go for walks, grocery shopping, to brunch, or else to buy furniture such as the desk chair I mentioned below. We were going to buy some bookshelves but at the last minute we realized that they wouldn't fit in our car.

What else have I done? Uh. Unpacked. I also made some guacamole this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I will put together the chair and go for a walk to the donut shop.


Someone got to my blog by googling "Lorraine parrotlet" and also "Hash House Harriers Camp Pendleton."

It's raining. It hailed a while ago. Mark and I listened to Greenday on the radio sing "Jesus in Suburbia" and then sat quietly in our parked car until it let up a bit.

We got a desk chair today. A comfy one!

Things I unpack:

I unpacked my tarot cards and the recipe book my mom started for me. It includes recipes for the first Persian meal that she learned to prepare while my parents were living in Rafsanjan, Iran: Mast Va Khiar (the cucumber yogurt stuff), Salad Shirazi, and Persian rice. The best part about Persian rice is the potatoes that get crispy on the bottom of the pot. Mom made this meal for my birthday (and my brother's) many times.

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Someone in Egypt got to my blog by searching "Story for Legend of Zelda."