Thursday, March 16, 2006

Recommend movies to me

Neighbour playing boring hostile music. I'm torn--it aggrivates me. I'm trying to work. Still, I'm glad that someone is blasting music. But c'mon. Most of the music that gets blasted is really lame, and there's a lot of good rap and hip hop.


I'm going to hang out with Lester this weekend and do yoga. I will also rent some movies. Ye who read this blog care more about movies than me, so what do you suggest I rent? Keep in mind I've seen almost nothing, so it 1) needn't be current but 2) can't be too obscure--I have only Blockbuster to rely on.


Ray said...

"In America" was really good. It's about two years old, I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Ah, Lorraine, I'm so sad right now; I'm in Pgh, we're putting my older dog to sleep this afternoon. My mother's been crying all day.

Alp said...

Did you watch '' Life is beautiful '' ? It's telling about the jewish genocide which was occured in Germany. I think that it's the most wonderful movie ,of course, after Titanic ;)

tmorange said...

bela tarr's "werckmeister harmonies" -- a slow but beautiful morality play slash allegory about social political and spiritual repression! i wrote about it a while back. best movie ever.


p.s. word verification for this comment: "gohbi" which is a little too like "gobi" as in aloo gobi (indian potatos and cauliflower) and also a little too like like "ghoti" which was i think samuel jonhson's way of pointing out how screwed up english spelling and pronounciation are (you could spell "fish" with "gh" as in "enough" and i don't remember an example of "o" being pronounced like "i" and then "ti" as in "motion").