Friday, March 10, 2006

To Stand To Sea

The Tangent Press has just published To Stand To Sea, by Susana Gardner, a fellow former DC poet and editor of Switzerland-based Dusie. Hooray!


My work is loose. It is not meticulous and not precise. Even after I edit it it is still loose. There's not a sense of "crafted" lyric. This is all fine with me. I'm just sayin'. I stop as soon as I can imagine the end of a project. I prefer implied endings. I stop before the end and go on to something else. In general, this involves spending a lot of time talking to people, reading, and looking at stuff.

I bought some girl scout cookies yesterday.

I shall have to use the word somatic a lot in my textural poems. Not a lot, but sometimes.

This is pretty.


Jessica Smith said...

that is pretty. what kind of girlscout cookies?

i got
- caramel delites
- do-si-dos (the peanut butter ones, my favorite)
- thin mints

Jessica Smith said...

i heart Tangent's "about us" statement:

The word "tangent" derives from "touch"; mathematically, a tangent is a line that touches a circle at one point. To seem tangential is to seem unfocused. For instance, activists are often accused of representing "too many issues." This seeming lack of cohesiveness frustrates those who want to sum up movements into a Movement. Through our publications, we've celebrated the arrow-like force of tangents, confident that this is how we can touch the circles, the sources. We are interested in tangents that catapult us toward cogent complexity in both politics and art.

Alp said...

Lorraine ! Since I do not understand poems, I'm not leaving any comments :) Can you write about more ''social'' things for your ''fans'' who are interested in writing comments to you ? Thanks :))) CIAO