Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Free audio track from Moving Walkways

So I didn't go with any of the original titles for the chapdisk I proposed, because actually all those titles were the tiles of other things, I just didn't know that then. The chapdisk will be out soon, but in the meantime:

A free audio track from K. Lorraine Graham's Moving Walkways is available in the in the catalog section of or at

Moving Walkways is a new limited edition chapdisc signed by the poet in an edition of 100
by Newlights Press and Narrow House Recordings coming this spring.

a record label primarily interested in contemporary writing, poetics and the political.


Ray said...

Hi Lorraine! This is Rachel and Polly.

Polly says "Does she know you quit ILI? You should type: Polly still works at ILI she's unhappy. I'm just kidding. No stop typing that, Rachel."

Rachel went to your voice poem sight and said, "Listen Polly!" and Polly said, "Wow, that's Lorraine! That's so cool!"

Rachel and Polly both wish we were less dorks and more academically inclined and so could write thoughtful and interesting comments other than We-like-your-poem-it-is-good (and Rachel is trying to study) but in the meantime we-like-your-poem.

By the way, Rachel likes the title Moving Walkways better than any of the others that were previously suggested.

Jessica Smith said...

i like Moving Walkways too. it sounds like something that should have been a title a long time ago.