Saturday, March 18, 2006

This post was really long and about pedestrians and how I loathe all talk of soulmates, but I'm not going to post it because

It snows in Tehran. Of course it snows.


Hippy thoughts:

Hopefully you people are socializing. I am socializing with my blog and Lester. I can't go out because if I did then people I don't really want to talk to would talk to me with the stupidest and most boring of intentions. But I went to yoga today. That was social. The workshop was fabulous. Michael Fukumura talked about yoga as a conversational and community-building practice. I think I've always thought of it as this but none of my teachers has ever phrased it this way: as dialogue and engagement/response both within a body and among/within the world.


Greetings good people. I have some work up at MiPoesias for your viewing and listening pleasure.

I'm going to a yoga workshop this afternoon with Michael Fukumura. I'm hopeful--he has integrated training in both ashtanga and anusara. I was happily spoiled by having such a fabulous teacher in DC, so my standards are high.


Jessica Smith said...

why do you loathe all talk of soulmates?

we saw hitchcock's marnie tonight (on ray's recommendation). have you seen it? it's very interesting.

today we went shopping! i bought:
- an orange hoodie from GAP (very warm, $10 on sale)
- a green cloth belt with green butterflies on it!
- a denim skirt

the piece you sent me was so lovely!

and, i think going to yoga is enough socializing for one day. (plus since when are we making distinctions b/t species? how do you think lester would feel about that, huh?) xoxo j

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Oh, I didn't mean that Lester doesn't count, only that I socialize with him all the time. I haven't seen marnie but I like all the Hitchcock films I've seen, so I'll rent it. Last night I watched 8 Women.

I suppose I don't mind talk of soulmates as long as it's plural. But I do dislike the idea that there is one person out there in the world for each of us if only we find them. It implies that true love should be something one doesn't think about. Kind of like how happiness gets talked about.

I'm off for my morning dounut walk!

Jessica Smith said...

...right. i was thinking more about soulmates today after you said that, trying to figure out what was wrong with it, and i realized that i perhaps have kind of an unconventional understanding of what a soulmate is. for instance, i don't think souls are static entities--so a person who was my soulmate when i was 6 might not be my soulmate when i'm 60. then there are the strange people who aren't like, soulmates or friends or lovers or family but their lives just keep intersecting yours for seemingly random reasons. people who're always in your life. it's not that they're soulmates but that they're somehow bound up, the threads their Fates wove got tangled with yours, or something.

But, yes, i agree with you that as "soulmates" is traditionally used, it is a bad idea and leads to unrealistic ideas about relationships and bad relationships.

I want donuts! Bring me some. I just realized that the Ohio thing is less than a month away! That's gonna rock.

I haven't seen 8 women. is it good? I saw 8 1/2 Women. If you haven't seen it, don't, it's awful. This is not the same movie as 8 1/2, of course. It's all very confusing. But Marnie is good! It'll make you think. it's entertaining too. and Edith Head's clothes are, as always, to die for.

Jessica Smith said...

on, like, 3rd or 4th or 5th thought, i think there are some problems with my comment above since i neither believe in fate nor in souls.

but, some relationships are particularly, especially, even strangely deep. that is true.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes indeed.

I suppose it's all more complicated than fate or souls. But most things are more complicated than their explainations.

I actually believe in souls of a sort. Or rather, I believe in multiple worlds, multiple states of being all existing at once and that sometimes we move from one to the other.

Jessica Smith said...

yeah... and then there is the problem of "old souls." one does meet people who seem to have "old souls," whether one believes in it or not. i guess there are a lot of terms for talking about these things, ways of being/interacting--one doesn't necessarily have to "believe" in them to use them to describe the world, right?