Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Verdant Braes of Skreen

Anyone know anything about a magazine called The Canary? I have heard tell of it but never seen it. And a quick web search doesn't pull up much. Rather, it pulls up a lot, just not what I'm looking for.

This weekend I noodled with recording software and a cheap microphone. If you really want to hear me sing all seven verses of "The Verdant Braes of Skreen" while another Lorraine reads from Dear [Blank] I Believe in Other Worlds, you are welcome to. It's best with headphones or on medium volume. The effect isn't so avant garde, but it is interesting.

If you're lucky I'll record "Dance 'Round the Maypole" next. Which I know how to do, by the way--I can weave a maypole real well. "Now is the Month of Maying" is also another strong candidate.

Ah, poor Lorraine, see what happens when you listen to John Renbourn, Richard Thompson, and the British Nuggets box set all weekend?


François said...

The address to the magazine is here. It's a really nice magazine. The poems published there are always intelligent and challenging.

Jessica Smith said...

Lorraine you totally undersell the poetry/song recording. It's beautiful and whoever doesn't listen to it is an idiot.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Francois, thanks for the link. Why didn't I notice that in my search results? I'm too hasty.

Ah, Jessica, thanks for your comment! Jessica is right! I have a fabulous voice! I'm brilliant! But, you know, irony as self defense can often be very funny.

Jessica Smith said...

hey klg, would you burn some pixies for me?