Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yippy Skippy

Listening to Pavement. I say "screw the pseudo surfer dudes' pseudo reggae" as if I am an expert on surfer dudes and the music they may or may not prefer. Really I just mean some of my neighbours.

The Cocoa Pod Borer (CPB) is threatening to ruin Papua New Guinea’s entire crop of cocoa! While this won't mess with the international cocoa supply, it is certainly bad news for local farmers in PNG. As if anyone in PNG needs any more bad news.

No one needs bad news, of course.

I got a postcard from Kaplan, who writes to say that he has photocopied many many Creeley letters. Way to go, Kaplan!

Bill Howe and Lisa Howe and Bill's mom are coming to visit this weekend!


-k said...

thanks! i think you got the chinatown postcard--purchased one morning after going for deadly amount of dim sum.

fyi, some bloggers get irked if you leave out the final 'e' in creeley's name.

of course pound always spells it that way: "dear mr. creely"

later on pound spells it with more attitude and leaves out the salutation: "creel--"

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes, I did indeed get the postcard, thanks!

Dim Sum. A friend sent me a supposedly fool proof method for making pork sticky buns, but I'd rather just go to SF and eat them.

Spelling corrected, merci. But bloggers will get upset about the world regardless.

Jessica Smith said...

i want a postcard! Kap!

I am writing a poem about worms.

I miss everyone. There needs to be another DC party.

KLG, I think I'm going to be in SF in November if you want to come up, or I can come down, or something.