Monday, August 14, 2006

I didn't make peach pies, I made two peach and blueberry tartes

As some of you know, I've been writing a long list poem of potential jobs/ways of being employed. Anyone who has anything they think I should include, well, tell me. I have already included office automator and demolition expert, so no need to bring those possibilities to my attention.

The Howes came and went with much fanfare and an inflatable duck:

Bill even configured our wireless network this morning. I'd gotten most of the way there, but then got it into my head that I wanted everything MAC encrypted, which really wasn't necessary. But anyway, our network is secure, etc. It still doesn't work though, but not because of Bill. It's too complicated and boring to go into here, but I think that the router itself is faulty. Yay.

I think we should all relocate to Panama. That is, if we can't manage to relocate to Berlin, Bulgaria, Istambul, Mozambique, or Tanzania. Panama has mountains and beaches. A former coworker was shot in the leg while working in Panama, but that was more than 10 years ago. Woo hoo.


marwal said...

Well, but after calling Adelphia three times, we're now back where we started in terms of actually being able to get online at all, and we know more. So while in practice nothing has changed except perhaps that we have a different problem than the problem we had yesterday, we are definitely more aware than we were. So nothing has changed except that the problems have shifted and that we now know more than we did. I hope you can see how this all ties in to Foucault.

Jessica Smith said...


Istanbul! I don't remember that one. What about Budapest? Turkish baths, and infinite opportunities for puns on the name of the country.

that's really bill. just ducky.

mike said...

Like Tarzania is a big move. Like for real, there's nothing as exotic and mystical San Fernando Valley.

What a cop-out, from pies to tarts.


K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes, I didn't have to make two crusts. But they were goooooood!

I'd consider Istambul. Tanzania would be more difficult to orchestrate, and harder to convince people to move their with me. But Istambul....

mike said...

I always liked Sherman Oaks.

It's nice to live off Ventura Blvd. Ahh, the smell of burrito shops, bagels, coco butter, ozone.

The burning interior of cars wafts playfully as I walk through another steamy parking lot.

I'm getting teary.

William R. Howe & L.A. Howe said...

um, spacial has asked me to very politely inform you that he's a performance SWAN.