Sunday, August 20, 2006

Watched "Murder, my sweet."

A busy week ahead. Preparing for the fall semester. Teaching. Typesetting. Writing ad copy. Picking up the furniture we bought over the weekend at the estate houses in Oceanside.

I'm starting a new writing project. But it's too new to know what it's about.

Knee is better. I practiced yoga today and managed a fairly sucessful bird of paradise. My hips are even less flexible than before since I started bike riding.

In yoga there's a rhetoric of women being more flexible than men, which I suppose is often true. But we're supposed to have, ahem, flexible hips. I am not flexible. My hips are not flexible. Perhaps my body refuses flexibility because I'm so f-ing congenial and easygoing in the rest of my life.


Jessica Smith said...

oooh, new furniture? i hope there will be pictures. exciting!

i'm weirdly flexible and i don't do anything to work on it. i think people are either flexible or they're not, though of course you can work on it. in exchange, i can't ride a bike.

Jessica Smith said...

... then i realized that the flexibility you're talking about is probably way more advanced than normal flexibility.

i dreamt about you! you, me, mark, and my brother were in CA and we were going out to eat. The weird part was that your multi-level house had all these weird, Labyrinth-like staircases.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Or maybe you really are flexible. It's true that some people have natural flexibility.

Excellent that we had a multi-level house with labyrinth staircases!