Sunday, August 27, 2006

quick! guess why I'm... bla bla bla

No. Don't guess.

The semester at Cal State San Marcos begins tomorrow. I'm teaching one creative writing class. And I also being my online training to work at the Art Institute Online.

More things that are true:
  • Summer's almost over
  • I've lived here for 8 months
  • My hair is blonde
  • I have a farmer's tan
  • I have a slight overbite
  • I'm Comanche enough (by blood only) that I could register for tribal affiliation
  • I unpacked more clothes and threw away at least pairs of knickers!
  • I'm reading a book about Ermengard of Narbonne

1 comment:

mike said...

-half full/half empty
-not even a year
-the absence of color
-okay if you're a farmer
-who's to say
-get a casino
-someone in the neighborhood is wearing you knickers
-you're a weird-o