Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Please note my sarcasm in relevant places

Moved furniture into the apt. today. Four (more) bookshelves, two little bookshelves/table things, a wood filing cabinet and two dressers--one for me and one for Mark. We had to rent a van from Uhaul to do this. It sucked, but I am happy to have space to unpack. I can now actually envision a clutter free office! I also admit to loving my dresser. It's a large, heavy piece of 1940s furniture that I could describe better but won't now. I'll post a picture on flicker.

Inspite of my love for my dresser, I don't know why anyone has furniture. It is big and unwieldy. It makes it difficult to leave the country. Oh, the conflict.

We also went to Home Depot today. In Home Depot, they currently play a mix of mainstream rock from the 90s. This means that I am exactly in their target audience. I sang along to Toad the Wet Sprocket while I looked for a screen door. This was a low point. I also had to avoid a conversation with an old lady who wanted to tell me all about her big house and how she lived there alone. Truely, I was kind of impressed. But really I just wanted to get my screen door and then get back to denying that I'm a part of any kind of market demographic. Now that I'm a white girl in the suburbs, I long even more for isolation and privacy.

I was speaking with a woman the other day--I'd just met her and was trying to be friendly. To more or less everyting she said, I said, "ooh, interesting" or "cool!" or "that's impressive." Eventually, we got to talking about Mexico City. Mexico City is one of my favorite places in the world. And she said "Oh, so you lived in Mexico City! Did you find it dirty and crowded and without private space?" And I said, "Well, I mostly grew up in either very urban places or very rural ones. Mexico City is huge and smelly, but I'm very comfortable there." Scheesh. I could have gone on to talk about how weird I think the suburbs are, but I was polite.

Riding the bus is such a relief! There are people on the bus who are not white! Yay!

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Jessica Smith said...

omg -- toad the wet sprocket!!