Sunday, August 06, 2006

Listening to the George Mgrdichian Ensemble. Mark and I just developed seven rolls of film--all from 2005--and looked at our pictures from 2004, including pictures from our trip to Canada. I'm always shocked by how beautiful the pictures of the St. Lawrence river are, how the colors are all vivid and the light looks a bit like autumn light, even in July. It's odd to remember being in places that I'm unlikely to ever be in again. Miramichi--I'm never going to be in Miramichi ever again.

In the 2005 pictures, I have bangs. It was a fad. I looked cute with bangs, but it did make me look, I think, too girlish. I'm not very punk, even at my most punky--I'm not a good indie waif. I had this idea that I'd have heavy, Brigitte Bardot bangs and wavy hair that could also be tamed a bit by a large black hairband.

I began to organize my desk today. I am not allowed to create piles of stuff that I don't know what to do with. I must 1) throw out the paper 2) file it 3) take action. The idea is that I will do this on a regular basis. I want a work environment that is beautiful and conducive to creativity, poise and energy. Slowly slowly.


marwal said...

Most people are never in Miramichi at all, of course, or even know that there's a place called Miramichi to be in, which there almost isn't. But there is, it turns out, and 20,000 or so people actually live there all the time, and we were there too. How about the fact of spending three nights at The Governor's Mansion?

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Yes, how about that!

Don't worry--I'm not getting depressed. It was fun to look at those pictures.