Friday, August 18, 2006

Made chicken kabobs marinated in yogurt and ginger, coriander, paprika, cumin, cardamom, tumeric, saffron threads, cinnamon, cloves, and minced garlic. Yum! But I need to buy ground coriander and cardamom. My crushing methods worked well enough, but they were time consuming. And we had raita and pita bread on the side. Yum yum yum. And grilled peaches, of course. Which I wish to eat every day.

I gave Lester the extra jalapeno pepper and tomato that I didn't use for the raita (in addition to his rightful share of chicken, veggies, and raita). When I give Lester food, he attacks it, but in the course of attacking it, usually discovers that it tastes good, and then eats it.

I did manage to bike to work today. My knee is still tender, but biking is actually easier than walking.

My students today were jet-lagged. They arrived here from Japan only two days ago. They're so young 12-17. The lone boy in a class of nine is especially quiet, but he dresses very punk.

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