Friday, August 25, 2006

Jessica's book, Organic Furniture Cellar, arrived yesterday. I've seen parts of this text prior to getting the actual book in the mail. I knew it would be good. And I looked at proofs of the cover. But to see the book in person, err, in book...well, it looks fabulous. It's beautiful work, and I'm excited to look at it in detail. It's obvious that Jessica is one of my dear friends, so perhaps I am biased, but one reason she is my friend is because I respect her. And one reason I respect her is because she makes beautiful poetry and has a sharp, creative, critical, generous mind.

I unpacked the rest of my books today, and alphabatized them and put them on shelves. I have never alphabatized my books before, so it's a big deal. I've divided my books up into poetry, fiction and (creative) creative nonfiction, and everything else (theory, history, art, dance, reference books. I have a whole shelf of Chinese language books. So proud!


K. Lorraine Graham said...

"I am bias"

I have a bias?

I've been teaching ESL for weeks and weeks. I don't understand English.

marwal said...

I am bifurcated, biannual, and bipolar. But not--speaking for me--bisexual.

But biased, yes, certainly.


Jessica Smith said...

the best clothes are cut on the bias. :)

we're all biased. just some people admit it and some take it for granted.

i'm glad your first impressions of OFC are positive!

Ray said...

Hi Looooraaaiiine! I was in a bar with the neatest drawings all over the bathroom so I took a picture in the mirror for my new avatar and I got the idea from your neat picture in a mirror. Copying is the sincerest form of flattery! xoxo