Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mark notices animals / Bonfires

Mark always sees the animals first. He saw the Hawk first. He noticed the Black Cat in the Green Grass first, the red-headed house finch, and the dove that lives alone in the tree outside our window.

Going to a party with the yogis at Moonlight State Beach. There will be a bonfire. This reminds me of two other bonfires:

1. At my friend Kim's wedding. I knew Kim in highschool, and Mark and I drove up to Maine the first summer we were together to go to her wedding, which was on the land of an old communal farm. At this wedding, I realized I really hadn't been to many "traditional" weddings. There was a huge party the night before, we all danced around a huge bonfire, and then had the wedding the next morning, very hung over.

2. My 5th grade class celebrated Guy Fawkes night (November 5) by having a bonfire, again on the same land on which my friend's wedding took place. And then we burned a scarecrow that we'd made. Supposedly we were going to enter it into the local scarecrow competition but we didn't, so we burned him on top of the fire. We did not sing Guy Fox songs, though. For example:

Guy Fawkes, Guy.
Hit him in the eye,
Hang him on a lamp-post
And leave him there to die.
Umbrella down the cellar
There I saw a naked fella
Burn his body, save his soul
Please give me a lump of coal;
If a lump of coal won't do
ease give me a halfpenny,
Then up and down the Drapery
Round and round the Market Square,
Till I get to Marefair,
Where i'll spend my ha'penny,
Guy Fawkes, Guy


mike said...

That is not a very cool song, but I think I remember going to the grunion run at moonlight beach . . . yeah the helicopters flew over in the middle of the night yelling, "The Beach Is Closed!"

Ian Keenan said...

Cicero believed that hawk divination was a temporal omen of sight, as opposed to bird call divination that related to more everyday modes of perception. At the entrance to the Met show on the Maya there’s a figure of royalty holding a bird divination rod, so they were into it too.