Saturday, August 05, 2006

I left strange big moon on the bus

Went to the beach this afternoon after a morning of, uh, shopping. Grocery shopping. Target. Home Depot. Toys, food and vitamins for Lester. We want to buy a screen door but it won't fit in our car. The only downside of driving something that gets good cas mileage is that nothing fits in it.

This past week I drove one of my boss' cars. A mercury something-or-other. I listened to NPR to and from work, and also 70s psychic oblivion music ("I'm not talkin' 'bout movin' in..." and "oh, oh, Mexico..." etc) I enjoy bike riding more, but somehow felt a sense of cultural belonging. How fabulous it isto be riding a bike around a lagoon and watching the herons and the plovers. And the ducks swimming in the nasty nasty water.

So yes. Went to the beach, played in the huge waves and returned home with a lot of sand in my suit. I'm starting to understand the appeal of surfing.

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