Tuesday, August 29, 2006

listening to Andrew Hill's Lift Every Voice

Today I slept in a bit and then worked and then went to yoga. Then I designed some designs and then did laundry and then worked and then made red snapper with a kind of Indian, yogurt-based marinade. Then I did my required assignments for my online teaching training course. And then I read and made lecture/discussion notes for class tomorrow. We are talking about detail. Why writing "I felt sad" isn't really the only way or the best way to convey to a reader that you felt sad. People feel sad in different ways, do different things when they're sad.

Attempting to plan a trip to San Francisco.

Lester is developing a taste for broccoli, at last. He prefers seeds, grains, and legumes, but really likes broccoli if I feed it to him.

Unpacked my Collected Lorine Niedecker.

Wrote some poems.

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Jessica Smith said...

yay for writing poems!
you should come to SF during thanksgiving week, b/c I'll be there then.