Monday, February 20, 2006

You totally need the complete 11 volume set of Will & Ariel Durant's History of Civilization

Help me stay out of the office world!


Working at home does have its downsides: I kept on getting calls on my cell phone from a number I didn't recognize and so, of course, I got all paranoid about it. Finally I just answered and it was our cable company asking for "Mr. or Mrs. Wallace" and wanting to thank us for being "valuable customers." If you want to thank me, please don't call me.


I'm getting pretty good at InDesign. Hooray!


Just gave my second (and last) listen to the final final proof for my chap CD--I will email Justin right after I post this. Hooray!


Heriberto Yépez gets a bit Zen (hey everyone, you better learn Spanish soon (and Chinese and Arabic and Hindi and Russian)):

"Todos son estados mentales. Yo quiero llegar algún día a la pérdida de mi reino, mi cuerpo, quiero que todo lo que ahora es mío sea devuelto al universo, mientras mi ruina está riendo, contenta, por haber devastado su imperio, por haberse desintegrado en el absoluto disfrute del desprendimiento."

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Alp said...

I absolutely liked your civilization books, Lorraine ! They're really attractive when you look at them, but i'm sure that it has a very old-version english, hasn't it ? :))