Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chocolate truffles on Sunday

Hooray--Cooks Illustrated has finally published a book of light recipes! I want it!

I'm debating whether or not to make chocolate truffles today--I probably won't. We usually have to delay our Valentine's Day celebrations until the weekend, so maybe I'll make some then.

Except that Tom Raworth is reading at UCSD this Thursday, and then there's a "woo hoo Tom" party on Saturday, and another reading Saturday evening--Stephanie Young and Eileen Myles. I'm glad that there are some events down/over here, tho the hanging out in and around events is sadly a major geographical challenge--cars, driving, etc.


If you have some extra money and don't want to use it to by some international real estate or you rightly have other concerns, then you might consider either a) spending it on art or at your local independent book store or b) donating to RAINN.


Ray said...

hi lorraine!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!! This is Rachel and Matt and ALPARSLAN -- no, alp! "have a lovely valentines day"says matt! "Have a lovely valentines day say I" says Alp. "California is stupid" says rachel. "No, ridiculas," says alp. "no, you spelled it wrong," says alp. Rachel says, "maybe alp, not rachel should teach english since rachel can't spell. " then rachel would NEVER HAVE TO TEACH! yay for rachel. "huh?" says alp. "not huh , pardon me? " says alp

here is a poem for you:

do you know uKnow?
Happy valentines day
it is valentines day, so --
jingle bells jingle bells
no alp that's stupid says rachel
it;s ridiculas, not stupid says alp.
it is valentines DAY
we send lots of love your WAY
See that is great that rhymes. Rachel wrote that. Rachel is a genius, unlike ALP!!!! ahahhahahahah.

Alp sighs. "Just send it," says Alp.

Ray said...

"I think she will feel... ashamed," says alp. "And i think she will -- she will want to get rid of us."

"No, she won't!" says Rachel. "Lorraine loves us!"

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I feel loved--you two are excellent poets, indeed! xo

Alp said...

Hey Lorraine !! this's Alp..why don't you write me an email back ?? :)) i need you posting address to send the ''unique and special'' pens. :))) Also, happy valentine's day !!! {peace in peace}

Jessica Smith said...

hiya -- yes! donate to RAINN! actually helps actual people! good advertizing, LG.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Sorry Alp! I'm way behind with my email--but I've set myself a reminder for tomorrow. I'm glad you had fun in Boston!