Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reading Report/Things I like

I think I was tired, this reading doodle just isn't as good as the others. And I had smaller paper. But here's my reading report from the Susan Wheeler reading yesterday:

Things I like about San Diego:

1. The beach
2. The weather
3. The salty sea air and decreased level of dust and cockroaches
4. The flora and fauna (the birds, the bunnies, beach squirrels, wildflowers, eucalyptus and cypress tress...)
5. The doughnut shops run by southern Chinese families
6. The taco shops

And here's a picture of Lester. Because, really, we can never have too many pictures of Lester:


Jessica Smith said...

lester looks very handsome. what can he see out the window? ie what are your views like? how's the unpacking going?

Jessica Smith said...

p.s., we should publish all your crazy reading notes as a book of literary theory.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I'm soo glad you find Lester handsome! His beak looks especially shiny in this picture I believe. And yes, let's do that book--I'm certainly not going to write a NORMAL book of literary theory...