Sunday, February 05, 2006

Things found while unpacking/Lorraine's International Real Estate Report

It's very hard to tell from these pictures, but today is actually kind of overcast, and last night was foggy and cool. The building is the old Carlsbad train station.

Mark and I had a drink at the better of the two "Irish" bars around here last night, and a guy at the bar said, "this weather is kind of like it is in Ireland." Obviously, it wasn't, but it's a matter of degree.

Things found while unpacking: a big blank sketch book and my Pentel 36 color fine point marker set. Perhaps I'll do my reading notes for the upcoming Bruce Benderson reading at UCSD in color. His new book is an "erotic memoir" based in Romania. So I think it deserves color markers.

Also found while unpacking. An old address book and planner which contains old business cards and an undated cryptic note written in green highlighter that says, "If for some reason 'Lorraine Graham' is no longer available I'll have an idea where you are."

Most of the business cards are from Beijing, including one from "Akbar," a Uigur guy I knew who worked for an import-export firm. He had access to European cheese.

There's an old 1999 letter from Ned, who works as a Tree Breeder in Scotland, saying that he's told his children that "Kosovo may be the last war in Europe, ever. Let us hope so!" Last war in Europe. Sigh.

Lorraine's International Real Estate Report:

Would someone I know please buy this? Really, people, it's only $28,000 and the Yucatan is beautiful. If you're feeling like a bit of a big spender, there's this one for $55,000.

I'm also pleased to report that someone has finally caught on to a trend that I, like, sooo predicted last year: Ukraine. It's already out of my price range, but I do think I'd like Crimea. Here's a place in Yalta. Turkey is cheap still but everyone knows about it. Croatia is beautiful but again, out of my price range.

Ok, time to go grocery shopping and to brunch at Hershel's.


Jessica Smith said...

the beach is so beautiful! i love the "personal space" of birds. i think you should do some reading notes in color, fer sure. why these large houses in faraway places? aren't you going to be lonely without other poets around? and who needs a large house anyway? little cabins in the woods are cozier and cheaper. and boat-houses that one can renovate fairly easily, cheaper. i love romanians, my current psychiatrist is romanian, i have never met a bad romanian. XXXOOO

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Merida is an urban center--the provincial capital of the Yukatan...and little cabins in the US are not cheap. Just wait until next week, when I'll talk about how great Maputo is.

Romania is great--I should upload some pictures from my trip however many years ago that was. But it has a tough history. It's one of those regions of the world that's been a battle ground for everyone.

Now boat houses are a good idea though...


K. Lorraine Graham said...

I spelled "yukatan" wrong.