Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Devistated Devastated Devestated Devistatad

I realized that the Dada show was coming to DC a while ago--I still get press releases from the National Gallery of Art--but I only realized today that I'm not going to see it. I was in denial, obviously.

Back to typsetting and obsessing about deserts and jungles.

And to make matters worse I have the hicups.

This photo is not mine but poroman's and it's copyrighted.


Today's Idiot of the Day:

A guy running on the beach while talking on his cell phone--and it wasn't a hands free cellphone either.


Still reading Iovis. Of course, I will be reading it for a long time. I'm so unfocused at the moment, so I can only take it in small chunks. It's both loose (open) and agressive. What do I mean by this? That it is direct? That not only are the pages big, but the prose is dense and the linebreaks fast?


Lester is a big/little puff ball. He is both tough and fluffy.


Alp said...

This guy must be crazy !! I think he couldn't find a PT job like me and trying to be conspicuous :)) Guess, I'll put my head onto the crocodile's face ...

Ray said...

hooray rachel's leavinggg

alp that was mean to me, says rachel

hoorayyyy rachel will beg for some bucksss

stop teasing me!!! cries rachel, wounded!

who is that guy >>>>

what guy? oh. oops, i shouldn't have said that out loud. i don't know who he is.

then why is he standing like waiting for a bus

hahaha. i don't know. he is probably spying on you. let's get back to the subject of our LURVE of LURRAIN. This is her blog after all.

who cares ??? it is open to the public

you smell alp.

you smell what?

that means you smell bad.

the bell rang. go to class.