Friday, February 24, 2006

And the Chicken... / Lorraine's Real Estate Report

Oh. Texture. I am noticing it and swooning. Or else feeling irritated.


The dental floss industry is corrupt! Most dental floss shreds between the teeth or shreds when trying to pull it out of its box. Target dental floss, in contrast, is so thick that it's very difficult to get it out of the box and almost impossible to floss with. The two brands of dental floss that are passable are Oral-B and Crest-but I don't want to pay $4 for a box of dental floss!

Lorraine's Real Estate Report: Maine

Jonesport is beautiful and still affordable--the whole penninsula reminds me of Blue Hill but it's more rugged and farther north. Mark and I went through on our way to Canada and I was smitten. All that sea lavender. The lupins!


Jessica Smith said...

it does sound ridiculous to pay $4 for dental floss, but, it's cheaper than filling a cavity.

you are one of four people i know who flosses. maybe that's why flosss costs so much. so few people buy it, they have to mark it up.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

It's all very interesting--this talk of dental floss--isn' it?

Jessica Smith said...

isn't it? i like the satin kind.

maine looks like scandinavia in this picture.

Jessica Smith said...

my teeth are very close together.
how's that for interesting?

K. Lorraine Graham said...

That is interesting!

I'm sure I would enjoy scandanavia in the summer and early fall.

I used to have very Freudian dreams where my teeth would fall out. Sometimes I would then plant my teeth in the ground.

Jessica Smith said...

i have teeth-falling-out dreams too. but usually the teeth are just loose, and i am worried about whether they will fall out. i've never been resourceful enough to plant them. what do you think grows from teeth? (perhaps... floss!)

Ray said...

ring ring
rachel and alp dentistry! how may we help you guys ?

alp can be a dentist. i don't want to look at people's teeth. Yuck! are there little children who want to be dentists when they grow up?

Dentists Suck !!!! Loosersss !!!
Rachel's eating her damn delicious cake..and she's even not sharing !! im looking like a begger ! but she doesnt know that i dont like cakes . hahahaha !!!!!

hell NO i'm, not sharing. it is MY goodbye cupcake. go quit your own job and you can have a goodbye cupcake too. Oh... wait... that's right... you don't HAVE a job... cuz no one will hire you hahahahahhaha

BUSHHHHHHH hear me , give me a permanent visa so i can have a job just like rachellllllll !!!! dont i deserve to a cupcake ???

no.she's still eatingggg cusssss you're typing on my part, idiot.

This is Rachel. Hello! I am going to write an intelligent comment to your post. This is a relivant and pertinant comment. I use cinnimon floss.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Mmm, flavored floss. Lester likes floss, but not the flavored kind.

Alp--did you see the Turkish figure skater last night!?

Alp said...

Unfortunately, I couldn't see it; but i watched her performance through the internet. She accomplished the competition in 21st place, right ? I think she was kind of good. As you know, Turkey is being familiar newly with this kind of competitions :)