Sunday, February 19, 2006

How was your weekend?

I stole this from Tom Raworth's blog--have fun on the rest of your trip, Tom!

Last night we heard Stephanie Young and Eileen Myles read in an art space near the airport...and since I don't know my way around here yet I can't remember what it was called, but it was a cool space, and there was a punching bag in it. I was happy to hear Stephanie Young's work--it was lyric and twisty and quietly funny. I've got the book in a box somewhere, so will wait to think/write about it further until it's in front of me.

I've now heard Eileen Myles read quite a bit and was thinking that as much as I like the poems, I sometimes like the fictional/memoir type stuff even more. There's something about her stage self that I'm always into.

Also got to meet David Larson and James Meetze and a host of interesting folks--I'm terrible with names, but please know that I remember you and our conversations, but I don't want to risk totally mangling your identity.

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