Monday, February 27, 2006

Ayyám-i-Há Day 2

Mom gave me some Sanctuary shade grown coffee! Shade grown coffee is better because there's no need to clear-cut forests. Native trees in shade-grown coffee plantations make the soil better and protect the birds who also help with pest control. Leaving native trees intact on coffee plantations also creates less soil erosion, and shade-grown coffee doesn't require nasty chemicals--which means less toxic runoff.

In regions most heavily used by migratory North American birds--Mesoamerica, the Caribbean islands, and Colombia--coffee plantation forests cover almost half of the permanent cropland. The declining songbird population in the western hemisphere is directly related to clear-cutting for sun-grown coffee. Traditional, shade-growing coffee plantations don't require clear-cutting. And shade-grown coffee tastes better too. Like the difference between an heirloom tomato and a big mealy one at Safeway.

There's more info about bird-friendly coffee at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

Also, please note that a Kiwi hatched at the National Zoo on February 13. And yes, there's a "Kiwicam."

Hooray for fair trade organic shade-grown coffee! Yay Mom! I'll have some first thing tomorrow morning!


Alp said...

Wow Lorraine ! You'have put my picture and pens on your blog! I'm glad to see them again,thanks :)
Truely, i drawed and painted this picture for Polly, then Rachel {who eats cupcakes withouut sharing } saw it and wanted one. I couldn't decide which one i should have given...racehl or polly ? rachel or polly ?...theeennnnnnn, I sent it to you :))) So, i solved the problem, hahahaa :)))
My toefl experience is going better! I'm getting involved in speaking part,too :) {Thanks G-d}

Ray said...

Alparslan, you know, I read Lorraine's blog, too. Anyway, you don't even LIKE cupcakes. I'm bored out of my MIND. That is an idiom. It means, I'm bored to DEATH. That is also an idiom. Right? Maybe not. Maybe it is simply hyperbole. What do I know? It's not like I teach English or anything. (I don't, I don't!) Okay. Back to staring blankly at job listings and drinking caffinated tea.

(Although -- yay, Lorraine! -- now I have also been staring at the baby kiwi cam! Yay! Happy birthday Baby Kiwi!)