Saturday, February 25, 2006

Three ravens taking a bath at the same time don't leave much water

Mark and I went walking this morning in Torrey Pines State Reserve. It was pretty! Lured by Tom Raworth's story of being able to see dolphins from the shore, we decided to blow off unpacking and go see them. Obviously dolphins, beach, and desert plant life are far more interesting than unpacking.

So we saw dolphins. And many ravens, of course. And weird sandstone erosion.

It is difficult to remember that it is February. All Fall Mark was saying: "and remember, in February we'll go for walks in the desert and by the ocean." And I smiled and didn't really believe him.

And then we ate at the Potato Shack in Encinitas, which is next door to the Synergy Yoga Center. I profess a great deal of skepticism about the Synergy Yoga Center. "Synergy" is a word that reminds me of 1990s management theory. But I'm sure it's a good place, and I should lighten up and become more sweet and Californian.

In other exciting news, our rent deposit from 1401 N Street finally arrived! My recent issue of Lucky magazine. Yes, I subscribe to Lucky: the magazine about shopping and it is sooooooo great! But most importantly, a bunch of super cool Turkish pens and a pretty picture, both from superstar former student Alp! Thanks Alp!

Which sentence is correct? A, B, or Both?

A) Three ravens taking a bath at the same time don't leave much water.
B) Three ravens taking a bath at the same time doesn't leave much water.

More pictures from Torrey Pines below and on Flickr!

The pretty beach:

And here be the pretty pines:


Milan said...

I'd say both are correct.

For A, "Three ravens" is the subject.

For B, "Three ravens taking a bath at the same time" is the subject.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Ding Ding Ding! You're the winner--too bad I don't have any prizes :(

Jessica Smith said...

grammar... ew...

i'm so happy that you posted all these pictures and links! i feel like i'm on a mini-vacation! lovely dolp[hins and scenery and rooks and purple flowers.