Thursday, February 02, 2006

O Ye Turbaned Swamis

Mark and I went to hear Susan Wheeler read at UCSD last night. I drew a picture but haven't taken a picture of it yet and so will post it later. She read from both Ledger, the most recent book of poems, and Record palace, a novel out on Graywolf Press. Perhaps I try to say something substantive about it later. We couldn't stay for dinner because I have an interview today--nothing exciting, but it is close by.

I've decided that I want to work for Deepak Chopra, who has his big heath center/spa here in Carlsbad. I know he's got that new age look, but they have, as you might imagine, really really good health benefits. And he's not a swami and doesn't wear a turban--believe me, there are a lot of "swamis" wearing turbans around here. There are even advertisements for Kabbalah on the radio.

A few of you have requested that I post a picture of Mark. Above is a picture of Mark, at San Elijo Lagoon last weekend. So Mark is well and Lester is well--sitting on my shoulder preening as I type.

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