Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Now I have two jobs--

--my online tutoring work and then some editorial/design/who knows what else. I must learn how to use Adobe InDesign--which will be useful.

The greater San Diego region isn't so feminist, not even in a pop-feminist "I'm going to sleep with whoever I want" kind of way. I keep meeting very young mothers and fathers, and 20-some divorcees. I'm not going to go into a rant now about how marriage and familly are overdetermined by economics, so you'll just have to imagine what I'd say.


Am fantasizing about going to Naropa for two weeks this summer. Weeks 3 and 4 of the summer writing program look especially interesting to me. Or teacher training--I'm not ready to teach yoga yet, but my mind, body and work would benefit from some in depth study. In the meantime, I'm just attempting to work through the asanas until I can afford a teacher.


Jessica Smith said...

yay! congrats. adobe products are fun fun. i want that job! why do i havta gota school?

go to Naropa! i best it'sgreat. have you been there b/f?

does this mean you're not coming back to DC? i'm going to have to move past the "denial" stage?

ray, i think it's time for plan B.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I'm excited about learning InDesign, and the organization I'm working for seems genuinely interesting. I wish I had benefits, but whenever I have a "regular" office job, I always wish for a worklife like the one I now have.

School's not so bad. I might be back in school next year, or not. Lately I've been hoping that the UCSD Lit program doesn't accept me so that I can apply for an MFA next year, or to the Anthropology department instead.

No, I've never been to Naropa. Who will give me funding to go? Suggestions.

You should just come visit in the summer, when the weather is really really good.

calvo said...

oooh...teacher training. I'm still with you on the not wanting to teach front, but I caved in to the "it'll deepen your practice" reasoning and signed up for a bunch of the workshops while david swenson was here not long ago....they were fun.